Wordle praise

After an initial curmudgeon reaction, I gave in and played Wordle...

Introducing a new comic name

I posted recently about trying to come up with a new name for a comic. I think I may have settled on a winner.

Deliberate practice

The above image was formed from a combination of ideas from three separate books that I have read. The books are, Growth Mindset (Dweck), Peak (Ericsson), and Grit (Duckworth). 

Revisiting Gumroad

I signed up for Gumroad many years ago, as I always like to test out new platforms and see if they'll be a good avenue for sharing my art. I set up a few initial products (mostly comic PDFs) but to be honest I never really put a lot of time and effort into the site.

Raw Feels By Leonie Brialey

 In December I announced the next comic in the Spare Parts Press lineup! Raw Feels by Leonie Brialey

Taking a leap into the void

I made a couple of comics I was feeling happy with and then I noticed I just stopped cold when I was just hitting a good stride. I examined it a little a realised that I had a version of stage fright. 

Thank you to my readers (Peptober Day 8:)

  For those of you following along at home. I've had a renewed passion for blogging. Today I would like to send a thank-you out to a lucky reader. I’m going to choose a person from my awcomix newsletter to receive a postcard from me with original art!

Thanks for reading...

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