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My brand new Christmas card for 2023 is here!

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Procreate Dreams Review

This is a review for the Savage app Procreate Dreams. Dreams is a brand-new animation app from the makers of the popular drawing app Procreate. Released on 2014, Procreate has since become the number one digital drawing app of choice. For this reason the announcement of their new animation app Dreams came with much excitement.

Spinach Comic Book Template (UPDATED!)

Ever since I picked up the iPad app Procreate, I have discovered a new joy in making comic pages. It was tricky at first, however I have now drawn over 100 pages of comics and settled on a good layout system.

Tips to get ready for Procreate Dreams

Procreate recently unveiled its upcoming animation software, Procreate Dreams, set to launch on November 22nd. Given Procreate's widespread popularity in the realm of digital drawing, there's considerable anticipation surrounding the features this new app will bring. While I haven't delved much into animation in the past, I've played around with loops and animated gifs in Photoshop before transitioning to Procreate. The announcement of Procreate Dreams has sparked my interest, and I'm eager to explore animation using this new tool. Currently, I'm scouring the internet for reviews, previews, and helpful hints and tips through various videos. I've gathered a few of my findings here, and I'm also excited to share my preparations as we await the official release.

Haiku Comics

After reading some fantastic Haiku comics by Summer Pierre   here , I decided to try a few of my own. What I like about these is that I'm forced to say less. It's like a puzzle trying to figure out how the words are going to fit and make sense.  The format is a good antidote for the occasionally monotony of dairy comics. By thinking of the comic in these haiku terms, I'm forced to boil it down to a single moment of uniqueness. Even if most days are waking up, having breakfast, go to work, lunch, more work, come home, cook and clean, watch TV, go to bed, rinse, and repeat... Autumn is here. Drake Hall. Car Park. Monica .

David Grusch Whistleblower Comic - Part 1.

Part 2 comig soon... Footnotes Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal article,    David Grusch Interview with Ross Coulthart (Newsnation), In Plain Sight  by Ross Coulthart, What the Heck Is Going on With These U.F.O. Stories?, Congress holds hearings (live), David Grusch statement to congress, David Grusch interview with Jesse Michels,

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