David Grusch Whistleblower Comic - Part 1.

Part 2 comig soon... Footnotes Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal article,    David Grusch Interview with Ross Coulthart (Newsnation), In Plain Sight  by Ross Coulthart, What the Heck Is Going on With These U.F.O. Stories?, Congress holds hearings (live), David Grusch statement to congress, David Grusch interview with Jesse Michels,

Honey Comic Strip Template for Procreate

Do you want to get your own comic strip going but don't know how to start? This template will give you all you need to jump in and start creating your own strip. Maybe your interested in making daily diary comics or you’d like to start a regular webcomic in the classic strip format. Over the years I have made diary comics on and off. I wanted to create a template that made it easy to pick up this diary comic practice again. After some trial and error I landed on this template. I went through a few variations, but I landed on a winner once I added the notes area underneath the panels. This is essential for writing notes and plot point to help your comics strip start to take shape. I tested it out over the course of a month and it worked so good I decided I needed to share it.  The template contains seven grouped layers, one for each day of the week. Each grouped layer contains three layers for lettering, final art, and the rough sketch. It use the page assist features for easy

Woodlands No.1

  A brand-new comic series by Anthony Woodward. Following on in the tradition of other comics artists, Anthony has created this new series to showcase and experiment with a collection of new comics. This issue is over 50 pages in length and contains three stories. A brand new 34-page story about moving to Canada in 2014 and the difficulties of being a newcomer. It also includes the comic ‘This Place’, previously published with a limited distribution. And lastly a three-page epilogue written for This Place and ended up inspiring the main story. Published June 2022.

Carl Beam (Updated)

Almost 20 years ago in 2006, when I was at art school, I was looking into photocopy techniques in art and printmaking and came across the work of Carl Beam. I quickly fell in love with his process and work. Now in 2023 I am living in Canada and was invited to First Nations University for an outreach event. We were kindly offered lunch as part of the event. After grabbing a plate, I sat down at a table and an artwork on the wall next to me caught my eye. My head whipped around as I realised it was a Carl Beam Original! The I turn my head more and there are three more originals.

Hourly Comic Day 2023

Despite being home sick I was able to participate in hourly comic day this year. Turns out sitting on the couch with brain fog and feeling terrible is conducive to writing hourly comics. 

Airtable as a website for selling comics?

 A few years ago I stumbled onto the web app called Airtable . I was already a heavy user of spreadsheets to organise information, but Airtable came along and offered so much more. I've played with it on an off over the years trying out a variety of applications but despite how much I liked it I never felt I found a practical reason to use it (other than it's fun). 

6 things I wish I knew before starting in mail order comics

When I first launched SPP I thought I had most of the mail order stuff figured out. Afterall, I had been making and selling zines and comics for over 20 years! I soon realised there were a few fundamental things I had either mistaken or hadn't anticipated.

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