Carl Beam (Updated)

Almost 20 years ago in 2006, when I was at art school, I was looking into photocopy techniques in art and printmaking and came across the work of Carl Beam. I quickly fell in love with his process and work. Now in 2023 I am living in Canada and was invited to First Nations University for an outreach event. We were kindly offered lunch as part of the event. After grabbing a plate, I sat down at a table and an artwork on the wall next to me caught my eye. My head whipped around as I realised it was a Carl Beam Original! The I turn my head more and there are three more originals.

Hourly Comic Day 2023

Despite being home sick I was able to participate in hourly comic day this year. Turns out sitting on the couch with brain fog and feeling terrible is conducive to writing hourly comics. 

Airtable as a website for selling comics?

 A few years ago I stumbled onto the web app called Airtable . I was already a heavy user of spreadsheets to organise information, but Airtable came along and offered so much more. I've played with it on an off over the years trying out a variety of applications but despite how much I liked it I never felt I found a practical reason to use it (other than it's fun). 

6 things I wish I knew before starting in mail order comics

When I first launched SPP I thought I had most of the mail order stuff figured out. Afterall, I had been making and selling zines and comics for over 20 years! I soon realised there were a few fundamental things I had either mistaken or hadn't anticipated.

Now accepting international orders!

I am pleased to announce that I can now accept international orders for spare parts press!

Bored in Space

Just after covid hit in March 2020 I started hitting my stride with drawing digitally. I'd had my iPad for just over 4 months and had been dabbling even before that. Up until this point I hadn't felt comfortable with the drawings I was making digitally. I could create something on paper that was personally satisfying, but I digital drawing felt like I was drawing with a sharpie with my left hand.

Spinach Comic Book Template (Procreate and Photoshop)

Ever since I picked up the iPad app Procreate, I have discovered a new joy in making comic pages. It was tricky at first, however I have now drawn over 100 pages of comics and settled on a good layout system.

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