Trailer Park Boys

  For a recent submission for the Trailer Park Boys comic. I was actually pretty excited about this one and thought it might turn into something.

Black backgrounds and black objects

There is a certain type of drawing technique in comics, that makes me grind my teeth whenever I see it. It's when an artist fills in the background with black, but they don't take the ink right to the edge of the linework. Instead, they leave this white glowing edge. IN some ways it feels like a stylistic choice, but I find it jarring. I think it's jarring partly because it feels like the artist didn't want to take away from their line art, it feels like they're being a little too precious.

Seth Godin

  I drew this quote from Seth Godin at the end of 2019. I've tried my best to follow this advice for the past two years and it has worked well for me. Using this mentality I started the first incarnation of my Spare Parts Press website, I was able to get started on my comic Bored in Space. More recently it helped me write and draw a new 32-page autobiographical comic (more on all of these things soon).

Erasable ink pen that looks like a pencil.

  I’ve had this idea for an erasable ink pen for a couple of years now. It looks like a yellow wooden pencil and even has a pink plastic/rubber piece on the end for erasing. It has all the benefits of a pencil with no need to sharpen or smudging. I finally decided to draw it up in the hopes it might will it into existence. 

Let them eat crickets!


Keep your story ideas

A few years ago, I was extremely excited to hear about the new Star Trek series Discovery. I started thinking about all the ways I wanted the new series to be. For example, I felt like we already have this flashy over-the-top Hollywood, explosion-filled Star Trek movie. Which are fine, they're entertaining. But I felt like it would be neat to see a more down-to-earth character-driven story that deals with Gene Roddenberry's original ideals of the show.

I have moved to

I have moved my blogging activities back to my own hosted domain. If you are a nerd like me, you can update your RSS feed here I started this blog in 2003 during my first year at art school, that's now 18 years ago!

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