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New inking test

Here is the result of a new inking test.  I have been going through this indecision for quite some time now, trying to find the right combination of pencils pens and paper to make comics with. On one hand I think this is a very silly distraction from making comics buton the other hand it is crucial to making the comics I want to produce to the level of quality I want. For a number of years now I have stuck to using my trusty .05 tech pen with a combination of no pencil or HB pencil. And more recently (2008) I started using a l ight blue col-erase pencil to good effect. However my work started changing and I wanted to draw on a larger scale and my tech pen wasn't making the cut (Examples, Hemp , old man , Star gazing , which were ok but I felt they could be better) Then I have started trying to make myself use a nib for my more recent published pieces, which you can see here and here . However this just seems to take an awful amount of time to complete one page, someth

A few pictures

I've been neglecting my blog recently, posting mostly on twitter, here's a selection of things you may have missed


Around a year ago I half heartedly joined the website reddit for a class lesson on social news and bookmarking sites like delicious, digg etc. I submitted a link to reddit test it out, I didn't much like the look of it, and later when I tried to submit another link it said I'd submitted enough links for one day. A little bit miffed and bemused I never really looked at again until months later. Once I did go back for a second look I realised that I had not really experienced reddit at all and I began to fall in love with visiting it everyday and browsing links. Then after using it like this for months on end I started to actually get how reddit worked as it's actually comprised of many 'subreddits' and the best post in these main subreddit get pushed to reddit's front page, I began to explore it even further. What I'm really getting at it that I eventually realised any one can create a 'subreddit' about anything they wish. I then naturally wanted

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