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sketchbook fun!

As I said, 7 Pages #6, has a slightly different look as I’ve finished my ring bound sketchbook that I was using, and resumed drawing in an old one (With nicer paper). It’s hard to buy good sketchbooks for some reason, most manufactures don’t make different types and grades for different artists -If you know were you can get a variety of good sketchbooks let me know- I’m also looking for some shops that sell a range of good papers too. I did get a whole bunch of good sketchbooks from an art store in Vancouver (Canada) when I was there last, but I’m down to my last one. On another note, copies of 7 pages seem to be going faster each issue, and at times it’s hard to keep restocking them. So if you do find it hard to get a copy, tell me where its from, and I’ll make more of an effort to restock them there; or even if there is somewhere else you’d like them stocked. As always, back issues are usually available, just send me the numbers and stamps. Next issue should be out midweek (A


Recently I have been working on some funky lino prints, if you're interested in buying some just e-mail and I'll send you a catalogue.

7 Pages #6

I made it to the photocopier today to pump out 70 copies of 7 pages #6. It was actually ready last friday but I never made it to the copier in time before weekend closure... This issue looks a little different as I've started using a new sketchbook that is not spiral bound. This is because the paper in those things is so rough and scratchy. Once again this zine took a little longer than the first four ones. The main reason being is that I'm purposely slowing down with my sketchbook work as to focus on doing some finished comix. But not to worry I still get quite a bit of practice done in the ol' sketchbook so 7 pages will be coming out every 1-2 weeks instead of every week.
Ive been putting out 7 pages for around 10 weeks now and have had a lot of positive feedback from it. I nearly have enough material to put out the sixth issue of 7 pages If youre having trouble getting a hold of one visit the vox populis website Or write directly to A.W Comix, P.O.Box 174W, Ballarat, victoria, Australia 3350. Also still working on the third issue of Velvet Soap , I'm hoping to get it finished in the next few months...

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