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I'd heard of these penguin covers classics done by some comic artists but I didn't realise they had done this many so far. This link from eddie campbells blog. you can view them here... I'm filled with an urge to rush out and buy every one of these books for the covers alone (plus I should really read more than comics only so it'd be a good excuse) Also the article mentions dharma bums, but have they done a cover for it? Crumb would do an awesome cover seeing how he's already covered the material...(cover done by Jason)
Things are definitely starting to feel better with the wrist thing. It had me pretty freaked there for awhile thinking it wasn’t going to get any better. I hate to go on about it but I was hoping that some one would say, ‘hey all you need to do is…and it will instantly get better and never come back’ and also as a warning to other artists. I’ve since heard of many artists who have had similar problems over the years and overcome them. I think sometimes we ignore our bodies and think were invincible/tough etc which only adds to the problem. I’m slowly starting to return to my drawing activities. The time allowed me plenty to think about what I’m doing though and I formulated some ways to further improve various aspect of my comics. I also did a lot of thinking about my next comic and how I want it to look. I may even organise a launch party.


Heres reminder if you don't already know about the market event on where trails is held. This from the 'forepaw' folk "Dear Frendz, Just a last minute reminder of all the hott shitt we've got happening in the coming days... THIS SATURDAY THE 21st! : MERCADO! Yesss! Our second ever art market is this Saturday afternoon. If you came to our first Mercado you already know what a wonderful day this is, and if you didn't come to the first one, now's your chance to make up for it. We've got even more stall-holders than last time, offering zines, comics, muffins, jewellery, music, t-shirts, chai, badges, patches, prints, curry, original works, and oh, all kinds of other beautiful, colourful, hand-made stuff. We're also expanding our area this time round, with live music (Guns for Saint Sebastian, Great Earthquake, Dub FX, Wolf Von Trapp, Jemima Jones + Radical Flex on DJ/stereo-nazi duties) playing throughout the day in the backyard and stalls exten

Cool books

Check out these cool looking little books , link care of .. I just got a phonecall that I won a ticket to see 'Sunshine' at the goldclass cinema (a fancy cinema with bigger seats food and drinks etc). I entered the competition on a whim last week, and I won!! Also should mention that I made a suggestion for a feature for LJ, you can read it here , and feel free to leave a comment if you're a LJ user and like the idea


This is no easy question I know (I’ve been all questions lately) but can anyone offer advice for distributing books within Australia? I ask this as I’m considering getting my next digest 'perfect bound' (as I'd like it to be around 50 pp) which would mean I would have to print up more copies, which means I have to sell more copies, which I can’t do with my own distribution methods. I’m thinking even if I could get onto a small distributing company that deals nationally with smaller book stores, not necessarily every newsagent and bookstore in the country. I know there must be lots of artist/writers out there that have looked into this supposed minefield already.

Vampire Loves

Just picked up ‘Vampire Loves’ . I’ve had my eye on this book for a while now as I originally brought the first chapter of the story when I was traveling through Quebec. I was in a bookstore there and saw this book and had to buy it, even though it was in French. I’ve poured over that first book looking at the panels and Heather translated some parts for me as well. But now I have the complete series in one book and in English. I can’t recommend this book enough, the art the colouring the story is all great. I still have a few pages left to read but I’m dragging them out and savoring every panel. I’ve also been told (and also from what I can see) that the publisher ‘first second books’ produces a very high standard of books from comic artists around the world, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for other books too.

book launch!

I had a really great night at the book launch last night at the trades hall. Getting up on stage in front of lots of people wasn’t nearly as scary as I first imagined. Plus i won my very own 'Moleskin' sketch book! Which i have big plans for when my wrist starts feeling better. thanks go out to Paul Oslo Davis for conceiving and organising the book. I was wrapped to get 10 contributor copies; plus a kinder surprise. For new people to this blog site you can find links my own handmade books on the sidebar under comic book catalogue. You can also read some colour versions of my comics on line at
check out this cool interview with Calef Brown

Conceived on a tram

I forgot to mention about this book launch on Thursday night. I'll be there and involved in some sort of drawing event. Here's all the details anyway This write up from Paul Davis the guy that put the book together: "You and everyone you know are invited to the launch of Conceived on a Tram at the Trades Hall, this Thursday (5thy april). Conceived on a Tram is a book I have put together which features the work of 16 cartoonists, illustrators and graphic novelists. Danny Katz and Shaun Micallef have written essays for it, and it was funded by the City of Melbourne. Shaun Micallef himself will be there officially launching the book, and the whole event will be hosted by Sleepers Publishing as part of their really popular Salon series. >WHERE: The Trades Hall - cnr. Victoria and Lygon streets, Melbourne >WHEN: 6pm, Thursday the 5th of April (Good Friday eve) >ENTRY: Free >MORE INFO:

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