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Oknad Mit

Congratulations to Tim Danko for getting a mention on! For his scrolling comic In other news I came across some Speedy Cut , so I'm planning on making a little hand carved print some time soon. Plus three new T-shirts on, -'Doodle #70' -'Mammoth vs Sabre-Toothed tiger' -'Two panels' as always let me know if there is any of the strips or art work you'd like me to upload as a shirt or any other custom image Also thanks for all the comments I haven't had time to respond as yet. I'm really enjoying keeping up my daily schedule and I'm glad you're enjoying it too!

Black goo puddles


Snakes at Narcisse

More info on Narcisse Hoodie care of nibus (55% Hemp 45% Cotton)

Hunk of Butter

Just got copies of a zine I made with a local comic artist Daniel Brandt. You may remember I gave a preview of one of the pieces on April 24th. It's a 16pp (half Legal, 10.5 x 18cm) jam drawing zine. Yellow cover B&W inside. I have a few copies available, it's cost price only on this one, a flat $1 to Nth America and $2 to the rest of the world will secure your own copy.

Custom comics

I will be closing request in the next day or two for custom comics, so this is your last chance to get one, there are only four more spots left... Details below, The comic and or drawing could be anything you want for example -something similar I do in my daily journal strips -a certain character or thing -Anything you can think of -Or alternatively you can say ‘surprise me’ and I’ll think of something The comic will be drawn in non photo blue and inked with my tech pen on A6 sized paper (10.5cm x 14.8cm – 4” x 6”) and will be mailed safely sealed and protected as to arrive to you safely in one non dog eared piece. Just click on the link below and write in the comments section what you would like Or leave a comment or email me if you have any further questions or don't use paypal Slots available: Slot 1 (Taken) Slot 2 (Taken) Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5 Slot 6


I somehow missed the release of this last year. I usually only buy her all new albums (although not the concerts live cd's etc) but this could be worth it. And heres a select performance from you tube, worth just for her initial commentary

Etsy picks

As I've been posting my own artwork on etsy I also take the time to browse the art sections. Here a few pieces that I've stumbled upon which I found neat. Be sure to check out the rest of their shop as they have other cool items too.
*Hutterite I've just started using the non-photoblue pencil for my journal strips. It's a real happy medium for me as I can just put in guide lines and shapes and then draw the rest. I've always found it a challenge not to pencil too much as I enjoy the process of drawing with a pen so much, but then you have to weigh this with the fact that there's text and dialog and details that all need to fit (not to mention the consistency of faces etc) So a little penciling helps when it comes to comics. I put together this simple animation of some stages of the process
MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo . You may have already watched it on drawn but for those of you that haven't this really impressed me!
Another postcard piece is up for $20 at my etsy art store. Postage is only $2 on these little fellas!
I've just uploaded my first Postcard Art piece on I will be uploading more of these in the coming days. Some you may recognise some pieces from April although some have extra pieces added to them. These postcard pieces are part of my affordable art philosophy.
I've been also posting daily comics over at WCN, which you can see here It's on an automatic publsihing schedule so a new strip gets published at 12:00am (my time)everyday. Now that's reliabilty! It also has an RSS feed for those of you like me who use feedreaders (like bloglines or googlereader) Subscribe to RSS To help keep the series going I complied a list of all the thing you can do to support the comic, The biggest being just going to the site everyday or popping it in your feed reader. Cheers!
Just got back from being in gimli for two days Upon opening my email I saw one from the immigration department in Sydney. The email contained nothing in it only a very small word file. I opened the word file and in a straight forward and unceremonious manner it tells me to send my passport to Sydney for my permanent resident visa. So it looks like I have it I guess, albeit once it gets sent there and back which could take a month all up

Day 30

I'm not sure if I'm completely happy with these two last ones, I think they'll need a little reworking. That brings me to the end of the 30 days project for April. The hardest thing I found was to scan post and then link the images. There where a few times it did make me get the work done quicker than I would have anyway. I'm looking forward to having a few quiet days, then I think I restart the 99 Doodles project and see if I can get the the finish line. I gotta tell you that I don't know exactly how I'll do it as I feel I have run out of steam. But hopefully the next few days of break will help me out...

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