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Baby News!!

Heather and I are pleased the announce the arrival of a healthy baby son!! ***Elliott Jack Woodward 7 pounds 10 ounces*** Born 2:18 pm 30/06/2007 Mother and baby well

Betta has taken over...

You may have noticed the site looks a little different, it's because I finally caved and gave into blogger betta. Now I have to go back and put all my links back in so the blog can be a good comic resource for visitors. Plus I have to tweak a whole bunch of things so hopefully it will be back to normal soon. I've been thinking lots about how to convince people to make zines, I mean why print. This is all in my head as I may be doing a zine workshop in a week or so, telling high school kids all about zines. I have plently of reasons and answers myself but how do you convince a younger generation? My opinion is that even though the internet is great for reaching a wide audience it is still a fairly temporary thing. In ten years time will this blog be around, or if it is will the archive be so huge you would not bother actually reading them? It's led to all sorts of questions in my head. One problem that I find with the new technlogy is that it changes and advances so fast

A real blog post!

It’s been a strange week really. Our baby’s due date was last Sunday so we’ve been on tender hooks all week. It’s the strangest thing not knowing when it’s going to happen. Will we be at home, asleep or otherwise busy? Do you make plans or not? There’s also the explaining every time you see some one, ‘no baby yet...’ I also wrapped up the first school semester this week, with marking and reviewing students work, which is a hard task. There are so many factors involved in marking, decisions have to be made quickly. There’s something enjoyable about that finality of a deadline, less enjoyable when you’re on the other end I guess. However, that is life, you only get so much time and only so many chances. I realised this as we’ve had some visiting lecturers the past two months, who this week will be flying back home and I feel like I was just getting to know them. Often we can be tricked by the passage of time; it changes so slowly we hardly notice it all. Then along comes that deadline,

Joe Matt on 'Spent'

Joe Matt interview (thanks to boxbrown ) And anohter one here on the daily crosshatch This interview is take 2 as the first one he was complaining about not having money and they took it down at his request...

New machine

As I posted yesterday I printed my new book. The copy store I use had a new B&W machine, but no need to panic, it’s just as good and has more features (the thing’s huge!) This machine can collate fold and staple a book from A4 pages. Maybe this is something many have access to but this is a first for me. No more collating folding and stapling, and at no extra charge! I’m thinking this would be a good option for anyone wanting to make a hardcopy of emails or blog postings, as who knows how long they’ll last…Not that I actually write some sort of readable prose here, just my own little ramblings. My wrist feels like it’s getting better, to afraid to take the leap and do a little drawing. This whole ordeal has been a nightmare to put it simply

7 Pages Digest #8

I got my book printed up today and is now ready to purchase! Details below ;) Heather says she likes this collection, and as always I judge it way too critically. But then when i hold the finished book in my hands and flick through it I modestly think, yeah this isn't bad. Soirry I tried making paypal buttons but It just wouldn't work...maybe soon. In the meantime you can send me paypal funds to my email address which is with , put this before 'awcomix' *A6, B+W inside, 32pp, Cost $4.00AUD -Add .50c for postage within Australia and $2.00 for postage to rest of the world.*

Toner lifespan

I’ve been trying to further my research into the longevity of Black and white photocopies. The photocopy prints I have done in the past have been done on high quality Arches water colour paper (it even has a calcium carbonate buffer) and sealed with a polymer varnish. I’ve never really been able to get a rough number on the life span of photocopies, it seems now one really knows. I have a vauge recollection of readin80-100 years somewhere but I’m not sure where. in that cause B&W copies outlast most colour photographic methods (30-70 years) Theres lots of imformation on how to make a good photocopy butI haven’t been able to sft through the information enough to find definite studies and scientific reasoning. Although I did find this today on the Columbia university libraries site : “Preservation photocopies are made with acid-free paper that can last at least a century.” And also this on perserving journals : "Toner's a trickier issue, but here's a rule of thumb:

Space Monkey

I’ve had this weird thing happen to me recently that I can’t figure out. I find myself spacing out when people talk to me, and not random people, everyone! I mean I usually a pretty spacey person anyway. I have a very vivid memory of my year 8 English teacher getting really mad at me for not paying attention and called me a dreamer as an insult. I’m starting to worry that I having negative effects from not drawing. My concentration is just totally shot I can’t focus at all and my brain feels scattered all the time. Admittedly we are on the very brink of having a baby at any moment so maybe that could account for some of it. I used to frequently do zen meditation but the last year I just haven’t been able to be disciplined enough to do it. In other good news I was able to print out a proof copy of the next issue of ‘7 pages digest’ (#8) I’ll be going over it tonight and spell checking and making sure generally everything is in order. I’m hoping to get it printed early next week. I

MP3 and thirty days...

I finally joined the 21st century and bought an MP3 player. I'd been fighting the urge that I felt had been deeply marketed into me to buy an ipod for the last 2-3 years. I sometimes think we plug ourselves in too much and usually I like to just hear the natural sounds of my environment when I'm walking into town. But we've been discussing getting one for awhile now and we justified it by saying it was a joint birthday present between us and also to have music to relax heather in the early stages of labour; that is if the labour goes to plan which I now is not always so. The annoying thing about the player though is that i love using itunes on my mac computer, I like the interface and I'm familiar with it's settings. So of coarse itunes doesn't work with non ipod players...that is unless you download one of the add on programs to help you work with itunes. I eventually found a mac program that allows you to use non ipod devices (memory cards, mobile phones

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