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I recently lamented on Twitter and made a post over here that I had lost the digital files to a comic I produced in 2008 called 'Z-Factor'. It was a super hero parody with out being over the top or whacky. After hours of fruitless searching in backup disks (yes I backed up my whole computer on DVD's stil no joy) and external hard drive I can only fin the one page which I am posting above. To add insult to injury I am not even sure where the original art is.

Kirby Panel

A few weeks ago I did this redraw of a Jack Kirby panel from 'The Demon' #15 (pg.13) to flex my brush pen muscles (not that I have any) It was a good chance to swish the brush around and produce a different kind of drawing. My aim was not to reproduce the panel exactly or necessarily do it in my style but rather create some sort of hybrid. Another reason I did it as I have been seriously considering changing my inking style; which is due to a number of reasons which i need another post for.

A comic from 2007


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