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People that buy art are investing in something

It is a common thing for an artist to hear this phrase when someone buys their art (especially in the early days and from friends and family) "You never know what this will be worth someday" OR "Make sure you sign it, it will be worth more when you're famous one day..."

Where do digital comics sit?

Digital mediums can receive criticism as they can appear to lack substance compared to their physical counterparts. Some mediums are fair better in this comparison, as there is little distinction between the physical and digital medium in terms of consumption. Take books for example. With both the physical and digital, you are reading with your eyes, but the experience of holding the book and flipping through it is vastly different. Some people even go so far as to say that smell is a factor. That physical books (and bookstores) have the smell of paper and ink that can't be beaten.

What's does a zine mean?

Zine is short for magazine and pronounced ('zeen' not 'zoine'), is a self-published booklet, usually small and given away freely or sold for cost. In many ways, zines defy definition. They're strongly tied to subcultures such as the Punk and DIY scenes, they emphasise a do it your self mentality with a lack of artificial pretences.

Giving your brain time to relax

Whenever I take time off work, I've noticed something magical happening with my art practice. Invariably during the course of the break, I encounter a powerful epiphany about my work, usually something I've been struggling with.

A new golden age for comics?

It occurred to me recently that we are quite likely to be in a new golden era of comics, or at least I hope so. The reason I say this is that I see a pattern emerging which reminds me of Steven Johnson's idea of the adjacent possible .

Where do ideas come from?

This is a question dreaded by anyone doing creative work, as usually, the first truthful answer is, "I don't know". I have also previously said that looking for ideas is like asking your brain please and it eventually comes up with the goods...Which in short just means, keep asking questions and eventually answers, or at least parts or answers will come.

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