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Where do ideas come from?

This is a question dreaded by anyone doing creative work, as usually, the first truthful answer is, "I don't know". I have also previously said that looking for ideas is like asking your brain please and it eventually comes up with the goods...Which in short just means, keep asking questions and eventually answers, or at least parts or answers will come.

Thoughts on drawing

I discovered this post from over a year ago. It's still relevant so I'll post it here. It's surprising how quickly drawing can become a chore. I have talked before about the importance of keeping your drawing fun . I think all too often as an artist you can get into a rut of drawing when you are tired and quickly associate the two together. I think it's important to draw at different times of the day in different locations. To achieve this you will need to carry your sketchbook around with you wherever you go. There is always small moments where you can be drawing, waiting for an appointment or bus for example. All too often we reach for an electronic device to fill those small moments, however if you are an artist, you can easily bag these times to do a quick sketch. You also need to find a way to draw that is natural to you. This sounds obvious and easy and if you aren't paying attention it might seem like this would be impossible not to do. I have found it is

Comic Spot Interview

For nostalgia purposes I went back and listened to an interview I did at the end of 2010 with the Comic Spot hosted by John Retalick. I was bracing myself to cringe pretty hard at the sound of my voice, but surprisingly it only stung a little; it only caused at least 1-2 days of hand wringing anxiety about if I sound arrogant in my enthusiasm for things. I thought it would be neat to provide some background information for that particular interview, considering how I would change a few of my answers if asked now. Comic Spot Interview December 2010 I had just started my job 2 weeks previously and I was so new to the realities of working in a public library. I no longer work for the same library as I have now moved to Canada. I still work in a job related to public libraries but not actually in them. A few things I wanted to mention about the interview: I didn't mention the name of the library I was working

Revised 2nd edition of George Bloop comic Now available!

My new (revised) comic is now available to purchase digitally ! This was a story that I was really itching to tell and the first time around I just didn't feel like it met the expectations I had for it. A few people read it and liked it...but they expressed similar reservations, that the characters weren't as developed, what did Bloop's comics look like? There were lots of question the first edition raised. I gathered up all this feedback and went back to the drawing board and added 9 new pages to the story. I wanted to know the answers to these questions fully too! Adding the new pages led me to rewrite 70-80% of the text and dialogue adding in new elements that were left out the first time. This comic also marks a point of experimentation for me, which is my first concerted effort to publish and promote a comic digitally. I still love and believe in print, and all going well I hope to be able to offer a print version of this comic one day. But I love the benefit

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