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T-Shirt on Redbubble here . Rebubble also offers T-shirt designs as stickers. I have not got any yet but I have heard that they are good

Star Gazing



I have been searching for a good image sharing website for over a year now, and I had all but given up after trying a few unsucessfully. I then stumbled upon the Actor Rain Wilson's (Dwight from 'the Office') posterous account. One of the things that had put me off other sites like Tumblr is that I could not see how they were any different than what blogger offered. I was after quick posting options and other sharing features; and yes I know Tumblr might have these things but they either were not how I wanted them or not available on the browser I was using. Where as posterous had easy emailing post features, an easy posting book marklet and also a subscriptions page much like LJ's friend page. You do not even have to go into a sign up process just send an email to and you are good to go. You can check out my posterous here , I am going to be using the site to post images from the web that I like as well as other comic related posts. I may even


I have been feeling down on myself for not drawing in these last few weeks but really it is only because we have a new baby in the house. Because I have stopped drawing, a lot of my doubts have started to resurface, and has been playing havoc with my mind. Last week I chanced upon a talk by Mimmo Cozzolino at work last week, Mimmo is one of the founders of the design studio in the 1970's called 'All Australian Graffitti' who were heavily involved in the series of comics from Macmillan that I have been researching called Falcon comics. Aside from that point of interest he also shared a lot of interesting insights from his own artistic career. I probably got the most out of hearing him talk about trying not to doubt yourself and be confident in what you do. Simple advice but advice that is hard to take for most. Just today I feel a little better about some of my future projects. I have a few different collaborations in the works which I am looking forward to. I am also work

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