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Panel sketch


My first USB drive

Back in 2004 at Uni when I started getting into digital art I was finding it progressively harder to save work. Floppy discs were way too small, saving to email worked on a few occasions so I mostly burned work onto CDs but this was slow and expensive on a student budget at $2 for every CD. I was considering buying a zip disk as you could fit about 20 MB on them, probably just enough for an average artwork. Some people were starting to get these 'Jump Drives' but they were kind of expensive. It was becoming increasingly a pressing issue for me to transport file to the printer. I went to office works and bought the most expensive one my student budget would allow. I got a red Lexar 'Jump Drive' that could fit 128 MB on it for $40. For me this 128 MB was way more than I thought I would ever need or use, getting anything larger would just be ridiculous. This new little plastic and metal thing was so handy. The drive even had a little re

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