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I thought it had been a bit quiet on the blog lately. I just realised I had accidentally turned off comment notification... Keep those comment s coming, they are much appreciated.

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Art & Prints

There is only a few days left before most of the items in my etsy store expire ...Being around Christmas time I will not be re-listing anything for another 3-4 most likely. I'll also be offering A5 B&W signed prints of any of my two panel comics very soon, but more to come on that later! Also the 'Play' T-Shirt is still popular, I have also put some new designs on there with more to come in the following weeks.

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Finally we are in our own place and have been for just under a week now. I am looking forward to getting into a healthy routine with all things in my life like, drawing, family, bike riding friends, etc. Normal simple things you struggle to do when you are moving around and living out of a suitcase. Most importantly is the ability to draw regularly which is definitely more a need than a desire for me. Lately I can not stop trying to figure out a certain kind of amateurish creative approach. Something to do with having an authentic approach to Art. The only solid example I can think of is that of making a quilt. Some quilts are made out of necessity from what is available. There is a certain effort to make it look nice but the function of it balances with the decorative element. In this case usually only old, worn, cheap or free materials can be used, but they still have to be half decent. Compare this then with someone who sets out to make a quilt, and can afford any material they wa






Have been slowly moving into the new place the last couple of days so expect som e patchy posting. The move has got me excited about collecting some of the art work I have lying around (mine but mostly others) and actually putting them up around the house. My collection mainly consists of works on paper and prints. This lead me to get carried away and order a $20 print from store. This inturn lead me to thinking I’d like to create a small and affordable print, something around $20 if you’re thinking of putting up a little art around the place. I have more details on that soon. I am looking forward to having our own place after months of living out of a suitcase, I think it will be much more conducive to doing daily comics and getting more artwork done in general. Also can any one help me with a problem. In Canada I heard of using freezer paper to do stencils on T-Shirts. The glossy side of the paper can be ironed onto the fabric to make a perfect crisp stencil. I was

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I made this redbubble T called 'Play' last week. I have had two sales already. I definitely want to upload more white on black designs in the coming week

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