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Order from

I just received my order from jetpens for some new nib (and lovely wooden nib holder). Also in the order are some Tombow brush pens and a small click eraser.


Looking through some files in a sub folder I found one of the missing pages of artwork from the comic Z-Factor I wrote about last year. It still saddens me that I may never see the other pages or the colour work I did for them.

New Collier book

New book from Canadian comic artist David Collier Collier also did the inside album artwork for Canadian musician Luke Doucet,

New ideas

More story ideas coming into my brain. This has to be one of the most fun writing experiences I have ever had! It's a project that I hope I can see through to publication. I am following an old creativity rule that states not to let idea out of the bag prematurely which could possibly deflate the energy of the project. I know it is pointless then just to talk of some vague project so I apologise in advance. My main reason for mentioning is that i have never had much luck writing fiction, I usually end up feeling like the whole thing is pointless or just thinly veiled autobiography anyway. Also how cool is this big Golden Book? There's not many pages (28 p.) and has a hardcover; which is perfect for the library shelf. Dimensions are roughly 21cm wide by 27cm high I would love to publish something this size and format.

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