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Would you pre order digital content?

I raised this question on my twitter feed, I started thinking about how crowd funding models are mostly used to launch a physical product, best example is printing costs. I started wondering if people would fund a project if it mainly meant the contributors would get paid. Or to put it another way, the priority of the fund raising would be to pay the artist/s involved and not the physical object. I think this model is not that unusual and only slightly different from most fundraising projects. I will I give an example of the type of project I'm thinking of: Invite 3-4 comic artists to create 5-10 pages of comics based around an interesting/strange theme. For Example, get 4 alternative artists to write a short comic on superheroes, supernatural romance, or a space adventure* Or perhaps pay a few artists to recreate a classic comic, like Herge's unfinished 'Alphart' (copyright issues aside). The artists involved all have a life, day jobs, bills to pay etc, an

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'Chug Comics no.2'

Chug Comics no.2, featuring the work of 18 Australian comic artists,  you can download the PDF for free from my cloud app account. It has no DRM and therefore can be read on any device. This the second digital collection I have put together for Free Comic Book Day. Previous one still  available here -Download link for Chug Comics no.2-

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