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What's does a zine mean?

Zine is short for magazine and pronounced ('zeen' not 'zoine'), is a self-published booklet, usually small and given away freely or sold for cost. In many ways, zines defy definition. They're strongly tied to subcultures such as the Punk and DIY scenes, they emphasise a do it your self mentality with a lack of artificial pretences.

ePubs as digital and spiritual successor for print zines?

I miss the old days of finding unique material in weird places. Walking into a comic store, an old books store or a zine library and finding something weird and unique someone had made. It was then a further challenge to find more of that person's work. It was exciting. While it is true that you get a similar thing with the web, the same kind of serendipitous discovery, it is missing the same excitement, there is less of an urgency to try and track someone down. Maybe it's because we feel that if it's worth seeing or knowing, it will have some sort of presence on the web. A quick google search of any artist and you will instantly get a smattering of their work.

Happy new year every one!

20007 2007 2007 Just wanted to write that few time to get used of doing it... This new year promises to be filled with lots of new comics from me. The past year I missed making zines and writing to friends due to work commitments (although I did get out two zines) I've been going back and forth in my mind how I want to make these coming zines. My two alternating ideas are 1-Make a medium sized zine with a card cover of a different colour. 2-make a small zine on white paper. I'm trying to strip things back and I really like the simple zine aesthetics lo-fi, no-frills kinda thing, so I'm leaning towards the second option.

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