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Last call on Digest #7

Looking through my stock of the 7 Pages digest I realised that #7 is now in it's last few copies Which means it's a last calls for interested parties. All copies before that I no longer have although you may be able to find some at 'Fatcheeks' distro or 'Minotaur' in Melbourne. Also go to my comixandart.blogspot to check out the full list of 7 pages digest comics that have come out so far.
Daniel Clowes Mr Wonderful Chapters 1-3
Oh my god how cool would a Drawn&Quarterly store be, well it's real and it's in Montreal! Also I can't believe they actually went ahead and introduced a citizenship test ! I'm even more flabbergasted but somehow not surprised that there is a question about Don Bradman...

New paintings

I've been a bit of a bad blogger here recently, although I keep adding comics to the LJ site if you're interested. I thought I'd post some samples of some paintings I've been working on recently. Stylistically they look similar to work I was doing in the second half of second year in art school.

'Send in the clowns' on repeat...

I Lost my most recent sketchbook somehow…Usually I leave it in the photocopier but haven’t been able to trace this one any where. This has been kinda bumming me out recently especially because recently I have been scanning artwork by importing it in PS instead of scanning and saving; therefore all I have of the comics that were in it are low res scans. On the plus side I had only done a few pages in it. Been feeling sick the past week which has been making the drawing go slow. Getting sucked into playing with artrage an art program recommended to me recently. Download a limited but still cool trial version from their site. Picked up tickets for Canada this Christmas.
Here’s a photo (although blurry) of the mock 7 Pages collection book I made. It feels really cool to flick through the pages and take a trip down memory lane. Now that I have this personal copy for myself, and also after the sheer effort it took to put together, I’m not sure if I want to put more together for sale. That being said it’s crossed my mind to make a few more copies just to give to some close friends and maybe donate one to a library. But it has got me thinking about putting the effort into doing a more recent collection, that is collecting the latest 7 Pages digest into a book. In think it would be a bit more coherent and interesting anyway.
I spent the afternoon putting together a mock up of the 7 pages collection. This came about after realising that could use the original templates to make a spiral bound book. It was a crazy idea but I thought it just might work…and it kind of did, at least to a level I’m happy with for a personal copy. Some of the holes punches cut into some writing on the edge of some pages and every 3rd page or so is actually upside down. It’s still a collection. It’s so weird to read through the pages and see the development of my ideas and art. I’ll have to have a hard think about if I do really want to put this collection together for others, as now that I have my book I feel content to leave it at that. It has got me thinking about a 7 pages digest collection as I do have 8 issues currently out that would make a good TPB. Will have to post some photos soon…

Still life with woodpecker

I started questioning why I don’t read more. I mean I read comics, magazines, newspapers etc but when it comes to books, esp fiction, I don’t really read that much. I always shrugged this off and told myself that I don't really like fiction novels all that much. Then I think, on the other hand, I enjoy reading biographies and books on UFO’s for example. I recently made a resolution to read more whether it be fiction or not. I think I’ve just been lazy in finding stuff I actually like and maybe my reading skills could be better (my daughter has read more novels than I did at her age...) so I picked out a Tom Robins novel sitting in my bookshelf which I had borrowed from a friend (Tom Robbins seems to be one author I can stand reading and enjoy his novels immensely) I got a few pages in but that’s it. I’m just finding I don’t have much time to read these days. But still it’s just another excuse I need to make the time. I’ll let you know how it goes… Also comics on mobiles , bring it


I see a lot of art in my travels especially drawings. Often I question the nature of drawing (as you do) and what it's place is. Sometimes I come to the conclusion that a good drawing is not about technical skill but just pure expression and other times I think a little less expression and more technical ability is everything. I came across this site today care of the IF blog and it really had me interested. The drawings seem to capture both expression and technical skill whilst appearing completely natural. It's drawings like these that restore my faith in drawing and what it's capable of.

lulu book

So I think my dream of a little A6 perfect bound book will be too much trouble to do, but I now realise that lulu's 6 x 9" size would be great (roughly A5) the original sketchbook pages are A4 anyway so at least i'll get more detail in that regards, plus pricing is exactly the same for both prices. I stil have 50 other pressing thing to do before I undertake this project though...


I put swellzombies blog into bloglines ages ago but as he updates so much i somehow let his feed grow to insane proportions (around 70 posts!) so i saved it for school where the internet is fast and free. I see he has put togther a lulu book which you can see here. I'm seriously considering buying this, also it can put it down as market research for my own lulu book that may possibly happen

A6 book still

Here is roughly a in scale version of what the A6 pages would look like with Lulu's pocket book size. I can't decide if there's too much space above and below. I would have liked it to be snugger. What do you think? Or there is Davids Ano's version

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