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Ever since I started full time work it has been a real struggle to maintain the level of work I used to produce. I am someone that constantly needs to be working on something and when I am not working on something I am thinking about working on comics or art. I started feeling really down about my work life and not being able to produce as much work (ie, any work at all) but I couldn't get too down on myself I was genuinely busy after all. Still it is an awesome time to be involved in Australian comics, with so many artists producing great work , exhibitions , workshops , events , studios and international trips planned to promote Australian comics. Bit by bit I had been slowly creating a studio space in our sun room at home and actively looking for drawing challenges to partake in. But most nights I still battled tiredness and the overwhelming temptation to surf the web or just watch TV. Something drastic needed to be done! I came up with the idea of what I like to call

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