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  1. i find this amusing and yet desperately sad at the same time

  2. Sums up the creative life's challenges perfectly.

  3. Kylee: then my work is done. I was worried it was going to be too dark, but a subsequent comic should lighten the mood!

    Arkay: Thanks!

    John: I've been accused of ripping you off when I've used blue colouring like this before! I find the blues and greens work well as they are cool colours and recede

  4. This is a masterful piece of work. You just summed up my life in ten panels... Try to take some comfort in the fact that this is how many others live, too.

  5. Matt: Thanks Matt! I almost talked my self out of writing this thinking it was a tad depressing, but I continued in the hope other would relate and it would be a common experience

  6. It is great Anthony. A lot of people can relate to it.... and in the context of a greater story arc (your ongoing life in your ongoing comics) it will be a very important documentation of this time. I love it - 'specially your mind surging with ideas.

  7. You can't be ripping me off. I certainly didn't invent it. You should ignore whoever said that.

  8. Anthony, this comic stopped me in my Google Reader-reading tracks. Great work.

  9. really nice colors! it goes so well with the comic. and i have the same problems sometimes, but i chose to go without sleep to finish. not the best option i'm sure.


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