Comics Template for Procreate (Updated!)

Lately, I've been experimenting with making comics quickly to share on Instagram. And when I find myself doing something on repeat, I like having ready-made templates to remove some of the friction of getting started when you have all the right layers and guides already set up.

EDIT: After the response I received from the original template, I went back to the file and made some tweaks and added some extra features.

A short list of things I changed. It's now has,
  • A 600 DPI file size, not 800
  • 4 layers per group (pencils, colour, inks, and lettering)
  • Additional background options
  • Both square and rectangle panel guides/examples. I realised the rectangle is better for print as 6 panels to a page fit better when they're not square.

Recently I decided to make a super niche template. For comic artists, who use procreate and share to Instagram...

I started typing out some instructions and then realised that the instructions for a comic template should be in the comic format (and made using the template!) and seeing how I get tired of drawing my furry mug, I swapped in a monkey to speak on behalf, the magic of comics...

As the monkey in the comic explains, the file has 10 grouped layers with two layers in each group (one for pencils and one for inks) and even comes with a lettering guide.

Anyway, if you're into that or know a comic artist that is you can download it for $2 from the link below:

(If you can't afford a copy, send me a message and we can work something out)


  1. It says it's not available for download?

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I've moved my Digital store over to Ko-Fi,


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