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'Fat Cheeks' Zine distro

Thinking of putting out a new book soon... Also check out Fatcheeks zine distro if you're interested in back issues. They're almost out of some issues and I'm afraid they're their only ones in existence, so you'll have to move on them quick. Be sure to check out the other sections on the sites as theres lots of other great stuff there ;)

In the mail...

My now complete and up to date collection of Reidsrow's comic 'High maintenance machine' ;)


Something simple, but I already had this on hand as a segment of a digital work I just made. Here's a detail, you can just see the car in the lower left corner

Zine Fair

I won't be sitting a table or anything but you'll still be able to buy my wares from the 'Sticky" stores table. I'm planning on going at some stage of the day. EMERGING WRITERS' FESTIVAL 2007 The fourth Emerging Writers' Festival presents a weekend of panels, performances, readings and workshops featuring the best Australian writers you haven't heard of... yet. Independent Press and Zine Fair Get along to the Independent Press & Zine Fair, a book fair like no other, where the public can inspect, trade and buy from the most innovative independent publishers, zinemakers & wordsmiths. The fair will also feature an exhibition of Big Comics Pages representing the best in local and interstate comic makers, as well as launches by a number of participating publishers. Venue: The Atrium Date: 12pm – 5pm, Sunday 27th May 2007 Tickets: Free Venue: BMW Edge & The Atrium Date: Friday 25th - Sunday 27th May Time:

Scary Stuff

Still not much advice on distribution. It seems like you either sell your wares to the corner store or make plans for world domination… Maybe people around this fine country, or in other countries for that matter, can let me know of some fine places that sell self published work. Places like cool comic book stores, independent book and independent record stores, zine stores etc In other news I went and saw 28 weeks later the other day and really liked it. I felt for what it was ( a horror film) it did well. I was literally horrified watching it. Call me a sissy or what ever but how would you like to be trapped in a cramped dark car park whilst very one around you is turning into zombies and eating each other??? Or have your eyeballs gouged out? Scary stuff


'Citrus' for IF


Spent more time in the lab today got a few more proofs printed. I don't think I'm ready to do an edition just yet maybe some time next week. I'm thinking of doing around 20-30 prints of which some will be available to buy. Also Craig Thompson has a blog... Also just found Onsmiths blog...


Well after two days in the printmaking lab trying to get a good transfer onto my copper etching plate, which went like: printing heating transferring cursing rubbing cleaning, and repeat about 7-8 times. Thanks to the attending printmaking teacher Viv, who gave me many tips advice and encouragement along the way I was able to get a good result tonight. A result much like I hoped I would get...So now I feel elated and exhausted at the same time. So here is a scan of an A/P two years of work and study came together today!

More printmaking

Some updated info on a toner and etching technique from Ad Stijnman: “ do not put the toner on top of the shellac and, of course, you do not remove the toner and take the shellac with it. First you apply the toner to the clean plate, next you cover the plate with a thin layer of shellac. The shellac will crack a little where it is on top of the toner - just like with sugar aquatint - and this allows the turps to penetrate through the shellac layer, dissolve the toner and take the shellac with it.” Printed up my plate today and it worked well, the only down side was my bad inking technique which I have to work on. Started two more plates today for further experimentation. It just starting to occur to me now that the art I make in the studio, ie, non comic mixed media and printmaking work, works best when I don’t plan it and better yet don’t think about it. The ‘Nike’ cliché of ‘just do it’ seems to be appropriate. This is something that’s taken me a huge amount of time t


Spent some more time in the print lab experimenting this afternoon, and i think i got a good result. Unfortunately I wasn't able to print it but I can feel quite a bite in the plate, so I'm very excited! Can't explain the feeling, I guess i can't count my chickens yet but I feel like I'm onto something here with this technique. If it does work then it opens up the flood gates that connect the digital area and printmaking. Here's a scan of the etched plate. I've been stroking it in a Golem like fashion muttering my precious... Update: Got some further information from printmaker Ad Stijnman: "The toner is just a mixture of finely powdered resin and carbonblack. The resin acts the same as the resin in aquatint. There are three ways of transfering the design from a photocopy onto a plate or stone: by heat (as you did), by soaking with solvent (Charles uses d-limone), by offset, by shellac. The third one is a lithographic like proces. Dampen your


Something really weird happened to my computer two days ago. Upon staring it up, all my preferences had been reset-I have a G5 running OS X 10.4 btw- I’ve asked a friend who knows a lot about macs what it could be and he was stumped. I even went onto one of those online forums to see if I could get help but to no avail. I tried to convince the people on the forums that I has not logged in or out of my user account or changed any files names or sifted user folders etc. Surely I would remember going into finder and moving folders around or renaming them, it’s not something you do ‘willy nilly’! At least I didn’t lose any files but seriously all my settings were back to default, things like -desktop files were all over the shop -desktop image was different -programs in dock were reset to default -firefox setting were reset, like my book marks gone etc -program settings were reset, like in word and photoshop So to me there is a preferences folder that was somehow reset somehow. It’s

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