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Print media job

This is the second part to the comics librarian image I posted recently. This was also drawn in 2008 with a nib and ink. I thought being involved in publishing somehow would be cool, but then I realised print media was in decline; enough so it would be hard to make a career out of anyway.

Another inking test

This was done in preparation for a large comic project recently. I wanted to test out some paper, penciling techniques, lettering and inking with a nib. Being nostalgic i chose to use the professor from Z-Factor and an unknown, albeit purple, super powered freak. The success of this panel lead me to choose the paper and other techniques for the final comic project.

Digital comic

I have been wanting to offer my comic book, 'This Town' as a digital download for ages now, and I have finally gotten around to doing it. I will have it here free for a short time. If you enjoy it consider leaving a donation, which you can do by clicking the donut donation picture in the footer. It's formatted to work with an iPad but could also work on a eReader, or simply on your computer.

Nibs and old rope

Having recently received new inking nibs in the mail I have been very excited to try them out. In my head I can envision the ink flowing gloriously off the end of the nib effortlessly. Of course when I put pen to paper it does not exactly work that way. For one thing I think nibs have to be broken in, secondly all new skills take time to learn, you have to get a feel for the nib and how it works. I also think there is another factor and that is the inking style you wish to go with. I have never been one to deliberately focus on style and i think doing so is detrimental to your final artwork, but the catch is that there has to be some sort of style that grows out of a approach or mentality, even if that is 'no-style'. I think the best way to find style is to first find the tools that suit how you work and then just draw as much as possible with that tool until a natural style emerges. The image above is a pencil sketch that I did in 2009 and just inked recently. The idea was

Subscriber comic #3

I'm feeling a little sheepish about the subscriber comic #3. Not only was it way over due being printed, but now that I have got it printed I have not sent it out yet. I'll try and find a way to make it up for it being late. Rest assured it is coming!

Comics Librarian

A comic panel of me imagining myself as a Librarian. Drawn in 2008 trying to foresee what my future would hold

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