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Talking to Pete on the Phone

I've finished the print I'm taking to Newcastle to sell at the zine fair. I'll also be taking down my other prints and hopefully I can discuss my technique and ideas behind them. Not sure how many of these past prints I can sell as i need to keep 2-3 for my end of year folio. Also I made a comment about how some of my comments aren't getting posted. Well yesterday I made a post and it didn't get posted, and now it's nowhere to be seen. A bit of a worry...

'The Hill that ate People'

I usually take a bit of convincing to spend my precious dollahs on new comic books, and even if I do see something I like I still like to think about it for awhile. But I saw this little book in Sticky yesterday and I was drawn to it. It has a nifty hand painted cover and the insides are printed onto sand/cream paper. The layout and format are also really good and has a good story to boot. I highly recommend this one if you can find yourself a copy. The only problem is he's modestly only included his name in the publication and no contact details...Could anyone point me in the right direction this guy needs a pat on the back.

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