Moving Update

Apologies for the posting hiatus. Things have been busy with the relocation to Canada. The good news is that we found a house and I moved in this week! For now it's just me, a single mattress and a big empty house. Hopefully the family moves in next week. The… »


So yeah, got myself a new job. Just so happens it's in Canada.… »

Blog features

There are some features I think would be cool if they were added to Ghost. I should say though that I think it's important if the platform doesn't become too complicated, and stay in line with the motto of, just a blog. Post by email Being able to post by… »

3D Printed Houses

With the development of 3D printing technology, so has the idea of a 3D printed house! The implications for affordable housing around the world especially in developing countries and disaster relief areas are huge. I found it interesting in the first video the presenter talks about dome shaped structures being… »

New Blog Update

I want to use my blog to highlight my drawings and comics (as well as the occasional text based blog post). Often these comics are in a series, which makes the tag pages an excellent feature for me. I didn't want to just show excerpts of post though I wanted… »

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