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DWWP review

The other day I picked up Matt Madden and Jessica Abel's book Drawing words and writing pictures' which I had been wanting before it came out. I should preface this by saying I am big fan of 'how to' art books, and make a point to read them when I can. The best way to see if you will like the book is to look at the art inside, if it is good then it makes sense that the advice will be also good. Then again I have read my share of bad how to cartoon books as I always find it interesting to read from another artists perspective and you can almost guarantee that there will be one little gem of information in the book that is helpful or in the very least confirms what you are already doing. I really liked Jessica Able’s DIY guide to comics on her website (which is currently down and or in the process of being moved to the website) and I also like the both of the authors art. Sure enough I was not let down by this book! Not only is it very comprehensive in terms

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