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Illustration Friday: Surveillance

Done for the theme of 'Surveillance' a few weeks back If you are in Australia you can download '1984' eBook for free here  as it is out of copyright

Illustration Friday

Thought I'd give IF a shot this week. I'm trying out a new drawing challenge that I invented for myself. The idea was to take three minutes to complete each stage of drawing a comic. That meant the writing, lettering, pencilling, and inking, finishing up. All up it should take 15 minutes. I used a timer to help me stay on target. I think the challenge needs some tweaking and undertaking three panels was really pushing it. Perhaps I should try two minutes per stage, per panel. Edit: Now that I am back home I have scanned this in properly and coloured (as opposed to the phone pic above)

Star Gazing



Really felt I had to do a comic so I used IF's theme craving as an excuse. I tried a slightly different drawing technique, this probably doesn't look any different to anyone but me.


This is a comic I did last year which I was really happy with. I wanted to do a whole series of them in this style but never got the chance (I think I wrote at least another one or two) When I saw the theme for this weeks Illustration Friday I immediately thought of this comic. I am pleased to say that my life has more direction these days, things are definitely looking up. You may have noticed I have been trying to update with something here every Wednesday, an interview, review or interesting link. I am still kept busy from doing comics from my course. The course is going well but I am really looking forward to having the last couple of assignments in the bag. I thought I would give twitter a try and have been playing around with it for a few weeks now. Those of you who read this through a feedreader may not have noticed the twitter feed in the sidebar. I am finding it enjoyable and short enough to do in little bursts, I guess that is the whole point. I have my usual screen na

Opinion for IF

Share an opinion over a nice coffee

IF: Routine

Also look below to see the little animated version that shows the construction of the comic


For, 'Zoo'

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