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Comic Spot Interview

For nostalgia purposes I went back and listened to an interview I did at the end of 2010 with the Comic Spot hosted by John Retalick. I was bracing myself to cringe pretty hard at the sound of my voice, but surprisingly it only stung a little; it only caused at least 1-2 days of hand wringing anxiety about if I sound arrogant in my enthusiasm for things. I thought it would be neat to provide some background information for that particular interview, considering how I would change a few of my answers if asked now. Comic Spot Interview December 2010 I had just started my job 2 weeks previously and I was so new to the realities of working in a public library. I no longer work for the same library as I have now moved to Canada. I still work in a job related to public libraries but not actually in them. A few things I wanted to mention about the interview: I didn't mention the name of the library I was working

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