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November 1 (Sold)


Trick or Treat

Here's my entry for trick or treat for It's been awhile since I've entered IF but thought this would be a good chance to have another go. (Click image for more detail) This painting was done using artrage. Also remember that tomorrow I start my November challenge, which will be to post an artwork that will be offered for sale each day, be sure to check back to see if I can last the month!


Seeing how I'm a little busy to be drawing comics right now (which is a short and extreme situation that won't be continuing) I thought I'd post this little insight into some of my basic materials for making comics of late... 1- First of all we have this nifty tin which you may remember I picked up for only $2, from a big name store. 2- One of my A5 sketchbooks . I try to put a different sticker on each one to tell them all appart. I now have 10 of these in stock as they are hard to find (the one's I like that is) 3- Staedtler 'H' pencil . I try not to pencil much of my comics these days and if I do only very basic shapes for composition purposes. This is so the inking is more actual drawing than tracing. I like my leads hard as they go on the page lighter and are easier to erase. 4- After buying heaps of the tiny tech pen ink bottles, I put down the money for this big bottle which works out significantly cheaper this way. I don't think it would t

November fun

The November Art project is an idea I came up with from apelad and other artists who run daily art posting on their sites. What does it involve? The November Art project will consist of me making, posting, and offering for sale and artwork that I have created for each day of November. How much will it cost? For now the starting bid will begin at $5 Can I buy an Art piece after an auction has finished? It is possible that I will offer an artwork for sale later on if it doesn’t receive bids on ebay in the 7 days it is available. But this would be at least a month or two down the track and prices would start from around $70. This is your chance to get in early and save. How do you get the art to me? I will post the art to you in a padded envelope with bubble wrap. Some artworks may need a few days drying time before they are able to be sent. Go here to view current auctions would also like to earmark %10 of the sale of all artworks to go to , a charitable organis


It’s been a busy week really. I’ve had all sorts of various jobs on and it doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down for at least another week. Fortunately on top of all this work I’ve been able to keep up my four panels per day schedule (which might sound like a lot or not much depending…) I really feel that if any art practice is to achieve anything it has to have a consistency, not necessarily in style but practice. Maybe there is the odd artist out there who can just pick up the pen or brush every few months and knock out good work but for the rest of us chumps I think it takes daily effort (or weekly depending on your medium, shape size etc) Just like an athlete, you have to train every day. I think I’m more keen to not let time slip away after my experience with RSI earlier this year. I’m really just so grateful to be able to draw again I don’t want to let one day slip by that I don’t take advantage of it. Anyways time’s flying and I’m hoping that in a few weeks time I can finally

I know my place

Here is a sampling from a badge making project I was invited to be a part of called 'I know my place' organised by David Dellafiora. I was really happy with the finished result as I made these on the spot; Starting with textures of mashed together drawings and photographs printed onto cartridge paper, I then applied ink washes, crayon, and some white marker pen.

Can anyone here tell a story?

I come across this article today which got me thinking. Whilst I think it's a good poke at the medium I'm not sure I agree with the majority of it. Also two points: 1-'Graphic literature', sounds catchy and I like it, I wonder what Eddie Campbell thinks... 2-She talks as though the concept that comics are a medium and not a genre is some new idea, which cave has she been in?


Some amazing news: I noticed there was a new batch of A5 spiral sketchbooks at the art store-My favourite kind, but the last few batches have had bad paper in them- I make a point of always checking the paper as you can never know and it seemed like this new batch were of the good paper variety, so I got one and put four away. I tested it when I got home and sure enough I have found a new stash of good sketchbooks. So with the one I got, four put away, one I'm using and the one in my cupboard, I now have seven sketchbooks waiting to go. I'm really tempted to go and buy out the rest of them as well.

Pentel Brush Pens

I'd been wanting to get a Pentel brush pen for awhile now. This mostly stemmed from trying to find some sort of pen that has a flexible end to create variety and interest in the line work of illustration jobs I get (I work in a slightly different style for the jobs based on the jobs itself and the commercial and/or time restraints) So having a pen I can ink with without having to slowly dip a brush or nib into ink would speed the work up just that little bit for me. I've tried a few of the marker type brush pens but invariably the ends are too fat. I recently got onto the Faber Castel Pit pens which are probably the better pigment ink markers around although the ends do seem to wear out fast (even with flipping the tip) Sarah Howell recently had shown me her Pentel brush pen, which was the first time I had actually seen one of these elusive creatures; She tells me Tim Danko tipped her off about these pens a couple of years back... Then recently reading Nicki Greenbergs B

Lulu reprint of issue #5

I just got my print on demand test copy of '7 Pages digest #5' that I set up through and it looks amazing! This edition has a colour cover and is over double the size (width x Hight) of the original; which had a B&W cover and was around A6 in size. I just can't get over what an amazing job they've done at printing it out, I'm now seriously considering publishing my next comic through them. Go here if you'd to purchase your own copy. Mine took around 15 days to post from the states to Australia, I'm guessing it would only take a few days if you were in the states or Canada. PS- A brief explanation may be needed, '' is a print on demand (POD) service based in the U.S. Which means they can print my book when ever someone wants it which gets rid of the need for and inventory and theoretically I can't sell out a print run. Any one can join and start publishing their material, they even print calenders! Be sure to check out


Wow i like the idea of this bountee site, the printing technology sounds really good! All submitted files need to be in SVG format.

New Paintings


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