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Seeing how I'm a little busy to be drawing comics right now (which is a short and extreme situation that won't be continuing) I thought I'd post this little insight into some of my basic materials for making comics of late... 1- First of all we have this nifty tin which you may remember I picked up for only $2, from a big name store. 2- One of my A5 sketchbooks . I try to put a different sticker on each one to tell them all appart. I now have 10 of these in stock as they are hard to find (the one's I like that is) 3- Staedtler 'H' pencil . I try not to pencil much of my comics these days and if I do only very basic shapes for composition purposes. This is so the inking is more actual drawing than tracing. I like my leads hard as they go on the page lighter and are easier to erase. 4- After buying heaps of the tiny tech pen ink bottles, I put down the money for this big bottle which works out significantly cheaper this way. I don't think it would thicken as

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