Seeing how I'm a little busy to be drawing comics right now (which is a short and extreme situation that won't be continuing) I thought I'd post this little insight into some of my basic materials for making comics of late...

1-First of all we have this nifty tin which you may remember I picked up for only $2, from a big name store.

2-One of my A5 sketchbooks. I try to put a different sticker on each one to tell them all appart. I now have 10 of these in stock as they are hard to find (the one's I like that is)

3-Staedtler 'H' pencil. I try not to pencil much of my comics these days and if I do only very basic shapes for composition purposes. This is so the inking is more actual drawing than tracing. I like my leads hard as they go on the page lighter and are easier to erase.

4-After buying heaps of the tiny tech pen ink bottles, I put down the money for this big bottle which works out significantly cheaper this way. I don't think it would thicken as much as regular Indian ink over time, atleast I hope so!

5-My number 1 drawing pen! A 'Staedtler Marsmatic700' It's actually size 0.5 but it's the pen I use for the majority of my drawing. I started using techpens in 2002 and haven't looked back. I love the dependability of it and the smooth line it gives.

6-My other tech pen which I think is a '0.35'. I sometimes use this for shading but I find thos lines don't reproduce well so I've gone back to shading with my regular '0.5'.

7-It's looking worn down but this is my Pentel high polymer eraser. Imagine a really good soft eraser and times its goodness by ten and you will get a Pentel eraser.

8-Pentel white out pen. What can I say I love Pentel, seriously they make really good products I love their roller gluesticks too. I use the white out for spelling mistakes and the occasional blunder, as I said I don't heavily pencil so the white out helps if things go pear shaped. Probably not archival but it does the job.

9-This is just a simple artline pigment marker which I've been using to help fill in black areas recently. I used to use the tech pen for reasons of purity for filling the black areas but after the RSI I'm willing to cut corners save the wrist for actual drawing.


Thanks for reading...

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