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I went to the physiotherapist yesterday which went well. I felt relieved after as I could put the problem into context and had a strategy to deal with it. I’m going to try to stop drawing over the next week whilst I use other techniques to start helping it to heal. I’m just so relieved that there’s something I can do to get better. If anything good has come of this it’s the realisation that I shouldn’t take my drawing for granted. It’s such a big part of me and how I express myself. I like to think that I can work in various ways but when it comes down to it, I’m a drawer I love drawing I want to keep drawing…

Pentel Rules

Hey I know it's nerdy but I just stumbled on Pentel's website . I really love pentel equipment. The hi polymer erasers are excellent for erasing pencils but keeping inks intact and I also love their white out pens and glue rollers. Apparently they've also got blue lead for pencils... In other news I'm 'bacheloring' it this week, as Heather and her parents are on a week long trip to Tasmania. I've slowed down on my comic at the moment which is mostly due to some minor RSI pains that I'm not really sure where they're coming from (either computer or excessive drawing...) and also I'm trying to catch up to myself as I'm currently around 2-3 pages ahead. Which brings me to the tooncasting, how is it working out from your point of view the reader? I guess if you checked the comicspace gallery once a week you'd have a decent read...
Just came across this blog called the daily crosshatch and added it to my bloglines, how did I ever live without bloglines... This from the site "Strangely enough, everyone who has read it thus far, has described it the same way: it’s a bit like taking acid soaked mushroom from the head of a unicorn slaughtered by Charles Manson on a rocket ship barrelling through a galaxy of rainbows, distilled into a q&a and posted on an alternative comics blog. You know, on acid." Once again posting from school, having serious net withdrawals every time I'm at home like some one who's amputated limb keeps on itchin’

King Cat news

This from the King-Cat newsletter from John Porcelino: KING-CAT COMICS NEWSLETTER ---March 1, 2007--- "Hi everybody. There's quite a bit of news this time around, so here goes: The big news is that the KING-CAT CLASSIX book from Drawn and Quarterly has been printed, and it's on its way over from Singapore (!) on a cargo ship. It should be available in stores or for purchase online in Mid-April. I'll send out an update when it's officially available. This is a large (384 page) hardcover collection of stories from the first 50 issues of King-Cat Comics, 1989-1996! For a more detailed description and cover image, please see or * * * DADDY NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES: As mentioned above, we're goin' broke over here. I've never really advertised it before, but I will now-- that is, that I do commisioned artwork for people who ar

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