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I just came across this zinewiki site, which i guess is related to or is a part of wikipedia. I had an article about me on wikipedia deleted last year (which a reader had written) not that it was the end of the world to be deleted off wikipedia I just thought the reasoning behind it was extrmely sketchy. I've then read recently (can't remember where now) that web comic artist have been targeted for deletion from overzealous editors at wikipedia. Maybe this is a controversial issue as to if this is actually happening or not, can anyone elaborate? Anyway zine wiki is stating that: "ZineWiki is an open-source encyclopedia devoted to zines and independent media. It covers the history, production, distribution and culture of the small press." Alan, one of the editors for zine wiki had this to say in an email to me: " The basic rule of thumb is that any independent (and sometimes even corporate) project can be added to zinewiki as long as it somehow relates


I went to the physiotherapist yesterday which went well. I felt relieved after as I could put the problem into context and had a strategy to deal with it. I’m going to try to stop drawing over the next week whilst I use other techniques to start helping it to heal. I’m just so relieved that there’s something I can do to get better. If anything good has come of this it’s the realisation that I shouldn’t take my drawing for granted. It’s such a big part of me and how I express myself. I like to think that I can work in various ways but when it comes down to it, I’m a drawer I love drawing I want to keep drawing…


My wrist problems have persisted so I've booked into see a Physiotherapist this afternoon to see what I can do. I've been resting my right hand by using my left for using a mouse and 'trying' to not do as much drawing (which is really hard for me) but I'm getting sick of holding myself back with my drawings and comics. I'm really enjoying writing and drawing this 'Beach' comic but over the last week I've hardly done anything on it just so I can rest my hand! Now I'm getting all these ideas for other drawings but realising I can't do them yet.

more art talk...

I made a digital print today which I was very happy with. I still have some further experimentation to do with it before I go ahead and make some more. But I think digital printmaking is the way to go for the images I want to produce. I’ve been doing digital printmaking for a while now but always kind of secondary and I’m not always happy with the surface it creates. But I think that's begining to change as I now have access to an amazing archival quality printer (Epson R1800 using ultrachrome inks) The image I used was a ‘movember’ comic strip. I can really see a lot of potential for making digital prints from artwork I have actually painted/coloured digitally, they’re not just some sort of mere reproduction of an existing art work but one that would have no form otherwise. I find that concept really exciting so hopefully others do to. I would love to see someone like Loobylu print and offer for sale her wonderful digital art, I know I’d buy one!

books art and stuff

Been thinking intensely about my art practice recently (when don’t I come to think of it?) for the past year or so I’ve managed to divide my art practice into, 1-comics and 2-other stuff (mixed media texture experiments etc) this was due to the fact I tried to combine my sketchbook/comic practice into my art making practice that fits into ‘exhibitable’ art for a few years unsuccessfully. I’m not a big fan of simply showing comic pages by them selves as art which is due to a few reasons, 1-the original pages are like printmaking plates and are not the final art 2-Comics being narrative best suit being exhibited within the pages of a book held and felt in your own hands. 3-the original comic pages are too precious to me to even consider offering for sale; but maybe it the thing that you can’t bear to part with that has true value. That being said I’m hoping to get involved in a comics exhibition at the end of the year where I would like to show comic pages as well as the comic
I’ve done a lot of research into the process of transferring photocopies. I don’t know why but for some reason the process of transferring a photocopy seems to appeal to artists (myself included) It’s seems that this process of transformation adds a necessary artistic element. It seems like there’s always a lot of people searching the net on ways to do these transfers and I’ve done quite a bit of research in this area myself. For one thing it’s not really clear cut on how you should do it there are a number of different ways and also variations on those methods. But I thought I’d do a short run down on the main methods I know of 1-chemical transfer. Bear in mind that anything that melts the plastic toner off a photocopied page is toxic and should be used with care and safety precautions. Most people advise to use turps but this had never worked for me. Also people suggest oil of wintergreen but I don’t know where to buy the stuff here in Australia. Funnily enough the thing that I h

Rain, pizza, and Ani

Just sitting here listening to the rain pelt down outside. It’s still such a novelty to hear it smell it and feel it. I miss good old Ballarat winters with all the looming clouds, thunder and lightning. Ash is over for the weekend so we had a pizza night and hired out the movie ‘Cars’. I had such a reluctance to see this film as the concept and design just seemed so dumb to me from the start. But Jay Marcy was asking around for people to find the toy versions of the cars for his son as rabid older collectors were snapping them up. It made me think hey I shouldn’t be so cynical. And surprisingly I didn’t dislike it like I thought I would it was actually not too bad. Heather and her parents come back from Tasmania tomorrow night, so I’d better do a bout of house cleaning after living like a bachelor for a week. After teaching a class on stencils the other day I got inspired to do my own, which I haven’t done for ages. Stencils are something that I really love doing but they have


Here's a comic I did for an Lj friend penrod (aka Andrew). It's autbiographical but I've drawn myself similar to the way he draws himself. Also here's some sketches for an upcoming part in the 'Beach' storyline

New Tin!

I’ve been looking for a good metal case for my pens for ages. As I’m always carrying around a bunch of stuff and I’m kind of rough with it all it needs protecting. The only things I could find were these huge pencil tins with plastic trays inside mostly available with a 'bratz' design although I did find a spiderman one. It seemed I couldn’t find a good tin anywhere but then I realised I was looking in the wrong section. I shifted my gaze to the rulers section and they had these little tins full of little rulers compass pencil etc and it was only $1.80

Pentel Rules

Hey I know it's nerdy but I just stumbled on Pentel's website . I really love pentel equipment. The hi polymer erasers are excellent for erasing pencils but keeping inks intact and I also love their white out pens and glue rollers. Apparently they've also got blue lead for pencils... In other news I'm 'bacheloring' it this week, as Heather and her parents are on a week long trip to Tasmania. I've slowed down on my comic at the moment which is mostly due to some minor RSI pains that I'm not really sure where they're coming from (either computer or excessive drawing...) and also I'm trying to catch up to myself as I'm currently around 2-3 pages ahead. Which brings me to the tooncasting, how is it working out from your point of view the reader? I guess if you checked the comicspace gallery once a week you'd have a decent read...
I just read the Andrew Arnold's column is no longer continuing you can read his explanation here
My first day of tooncasting has been successful (Tooncasting: a new comic automatically appears above every day!). It seems the comic has changed over all by it self sometime around the last few hours; this is because is on Nth American time. which means the comic should update every afternoon. I'm really pleased with how this is working!! So yeah just come back to the site every day or bookmark the comicspace gallery page and go to that daily. I'm told soon they'll have their own RSS feeds which will make it even easier to follow.
Just saw that this will be coming out this May. Even though I've read each issue in this story arc I can't wait to get this collected version to add to my comic library! This from D&Q's site: ****************** Spent Joe Matt Coming in May 2007! “I dug SPENT; it’s funny, poignant, and solidly constructed.” —Harvey Pekar Meet the original antihero Joe Matt: a master of a domain that includes over twenty-three self-edited eight-hour-long videotapes of bootlegged pornography; a penny-pincher who never fails to make a dime off his friends; a chronic masturbator who doesn’t understand why he never has a girlfriend; an obsessive collector frantically searching for the toys of his childhood; a callous son who throws out every gift his mother gives him; a man so lazy that he urinates in a bottle rather than walk to the bathroom. Everyone and everything is fodder for Matt’s autobiographical comics, and his biggest target for ridicule is himself. SPENT collects the sto
I’m going to start posting a new storyline on , simply because they have forward/future posting. It’s not my ideal situation as I’d rather be posting on LJ for my LJ buddies (or at least on this blogger account which also has an LJ feed, see side bar) Anyway I’ll try it for a couple of weeks and see how it all goes. If I’m unhappy with it I might just go back to posting on LJ… Edit: I have now enabled 'tooncasting' of the current strip on Therefore you can either check it out there or here every day (except sunday) for two new panels of the story line!! In other exciting news I got my computer back today fro the ‘shop’! I can not say how pleased I am with the service centre at 'Next byte' computers for solving my optical drive problem. Even though there was some initial confusion with the problem last year they’ve come up trumps and fixed the problem I was having with minimum ammount of hassle, I’m going to have to be real daggy and wr
I wondered why I hadn't heard of the new jeffery Brown book, then i noticed it was just printed, cools! From the 'Top shelf' site: "HOT OFF THE PRESS! FEEBLE ATTEMPTS by Jeffrey Brown Collecting some of Jeffrey Brown’s favorite anthology and mini-comic stories, Feeble Attempts is at turns comedic and meaningful. It's densely packed with autobiographical musings, political jabs, Jesus, superheroes, funny job stories, childhood goofiness, and...okay, yes, even a little adolescent relationship drama. But only a little, we promise. Another essential addition to your comics library from one of today's funniest cartoonists. -- 48 pages, Comic Book, Diamond: JAN073896, $5.00 (US)

future postiing is not that futuristic is it??

I'm still pleading to anyone that will listen, is there any way to get the future posting option on LJ, or bloger for that matter? You know, upload all your comics on say sunday night and have them appear automatically for each day you list them as..(does this make sense?) Throw me a bone...

Prints for sale

"This series of digital prints were created through a combination of traditional collage processes. Once the final image was made and printed all related files were deleted. Often my work deals with the textural qualities of printed surfaces, in this series of works I’ve combined the surface textures of a sketchbook drawing with and enlarged section from a magazine page". Prints are done with archival inks and papers and are 5 x 7 inches in size. Both images are in an edition of 4. -I'm showing them in the bean barn this week for $30 each.
Just came across this blog called the daily crosshatch and added it to my bloglines, how did I ever live without bloglines... This from the site "Strangely enough, everyone who has read it thus far, has described it the same way: it’s a bit like taking acid soaked mushroom from the head of a unicorn slaughtered by Charles Manson on a rocket ship barrelling through a galaxy of rainbows, distilled into a q&a and posted on an alternative comics blog. You know, on acid." Once again posting from school, having serious net withdrawals every time I'm at home like some one who's amputated limb keeps on itchin’
Thought I'd better give an update... Started back at teaching last week so things have been fairly busy. I've been working on another longer story at the moment, so far I've decided to not post it as I go as I dont have time and also as i said ina n earlier post i want to focus on publishing in books and not on the web (which is an isn't a money thing, I mostly give the books away anyway, I just prefer that medium) Plus my computer is getting fixed at the moment so I'm posting this from school
I didn't get a chance to donate any artwork for the dailygrinds charity auctions but I'm really interested in the organisation the money is going to. Through this group you can purchase various animals for families in poorer countries. GO to the site for more information

King Cat news

This from the King-Cat newsletter from John Porcelino: KING-CAT COMICS NEWSLETTER ---March 1, 2007--- "Hi everybody. There's quite a bit of news this time around, so here goes: The big news is that the KING-CAT CLASSIX book from Drawn and Quarterly has been printed, and it's on its way over from Singapore (!) on a cargo ship. It should be available in stores or for purchase online in Mid-April. I'll send out an update when it's officially available. This is a large (384 page) hardcover collection of stories from the first 50 issues of King-Cat Comics, 1989-1996! For a more detailed description and cover image, please see or * * * DADDY NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES: As mentioned above, we're goin' broke over here. I've never really advertised it before, but I will now-- that is, that I do commisioned artwork for
Got a new comic up at, read it here.


I somehow made it though my first week back at teaching . Even though I felt like a a zombie at the end of most days I'm feeling creative and inspired, I think it's just being in that environment and every ones excited and putting stuff together. I stayed late tonight and made some new boards that I can start working on. Feels weird lurking around there as I'm not a student this year. I'm still trying to get my head into thinking my garage is a studio space which I think is working apart from a few minor setback through lack of certain supplies. Luckily I'm doing some small freelance jobs this week which might afford me some paints etc. I had originally thought I'd do all my art at home in the new studio but I think it's best to leave the construction part to school, it's so much easier to use the drop saw than a hand saw! I'm still trying to figure out how and when I should post comics. My main dilemma is that I don't consider myself a webcomic

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