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This from the King-Cat newsletter from John Porcelino:


---March 1, 2007---

"Hi everybody. There's quite a bit of news this time around, so here goes:

The big news is that the KING-CAT CLASSIX book from Drawn and Quarterly has been printed, and it's on its way over from Singapore (!) on a cargo ship. It should be available in stores or for purchase online in Mid-April. I'll send out an update when it's officially available. This is a large (384 page) hardcover collection of stories from the first 50 issues of King-Cat Comics, 1989-1996! For a more detailed description and cover image, please see or

* * *

As mentioned above, we're goin' broke over here. I've never really advertised it before, but I will now-- that is, that I do commisioned artwork for people who are interested. I've done work anywhere from 5x7 to really big, and I'd be happy to do some for you if you're interested. Prices generally start around $25 for something small and black & white and go up from there, depending on the size and complexity. I'm happy to do something random or really specific, depending on what you're looking for. If anyone out there is interested in getting some artwork drawn for them, please get in touch, and we'll go from there. Thanks!

OK, I guess that's it. I hope all is well everyone!


John P.

King-Cat Comics and Stories:
P.O. Box 18888 / Denver, CO / 80218 / USA


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