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It's really crazy bust at the moment with school, I think I'll be a little bit broken soon (For

Christmas cards/Seasons Greetings

It coming up to that time of year again…Christmas card making time. I love getting artists Christmas cards and giving them out. I started making them after I found a book in the library with a collection of different artists cards, and I’ve been hooked since. (Alternatively you could make a happy new years or seasons greetings...) If you have a hankering to send one my way post to: Anthony Woodward POBOX 174W Ballarat, Victoria, Australia 3350.

David Collier

Here’s an interview with Cartoonist David Collier I found whilst surfing “I recognize David Collier's face immediately. The self-portrait illustrations in his comic books are remarkably accurate, although the three-dimensional version standing before me is taller and better built than I expected. After shaking hands, we head outside to the rainy streets of Hamilton... Read more here…

Last nights sloppy kettle

Thought I'd better post the flyer for the HUB exhibition in Geelong that my friend and fellow art student Pete are putting on. We came up with the name 'Last nights sloppy kettle' by stringing some random words together. We will be having a closing reception on the 11th of November, and all are welcome. There'll be food and drinks and you can take some artwork with you when you leave.

Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile. I’ve been busy setting up a space over at The idea being is that eventually They’d like to set up a comics section on the site and would like me to edit it. My personal blog address at vibewire Also I might be too busy too post to Illustration Friday this week...


I did this postcard with the launch of the last issue of Scrambled. It's from a comic I did on when Heather and I first moved to Ballarat after living out of a back pack in between Canada and Australia. We moved into one of these old 'miners cottages' that was so drafty and cold! In winter we'd freeze our buts off!

Isnot Launch

Went to the ‘isnot’ magazine launch in Melbourne on Friday night which was really fun. So good/weird to see my comic on there. See the site for more information Also stayed in Melbs for the ‘Bite’ paper launch which was even wilder than the night before. I danced like a mofo for a few hours, but suddenly had the urge to flee, as I was feeling tired. So inadvertently I left people wondering where I had gotten to, so sorry about that. Also picked up some new comics whilst in Melbourne, which were: The new ‘Angry Youth Comics’ –by Johnny Ryan. One of the great things about this comic is that is does tend to come out on regular basis, which is not essential but often an important and overlooked aspect to the success of a series. Also ‘Big Questions #7: Dinner and a Nap’ –by Anders Nilsen. I’ve been wanting to get in Nilsen’s work for awhile but didn’t really have the cash to take a chance on his book ‘Dogs and Water’, which got great reviews and sounding really coo

It’s been ages since I’ve check out and boy have I been missing out. Theres just always so much cool stuff to look at. So I thought I’d share some links I found there Pictures of Charles Adams book covers, Oh how I want one of these… And to my surprise Ivan Brunetti keeps this regular daily sketch blog I really liked some of the work on this site Sasha Hall And how good is this, Mad Covers . I especially like 25&26 Also went down to Geelong today to check out the HUB gallery where we'll be having an exhibition. More on that later.


Fat Cheeks distro now has some copies of Scrambled #4 and also 7Pages digest #2 in stock, so go check out the site for lots of ziney goodness. Also that Ray Johnson book has blown my mind…Kinda like researching Basquiat and Guston last year, and Alexander Calder the year before that. It’s definitely changed my perceptions of what I’m doing with my art. It’s one of those things were it’s all the stuff you’ve kinda been doing and thinking, someone else show's it in a clearer light. I’d been planning a few mail art projects anyways, but this books totally inspired me to dive right into it with a passion. But like I’ve said earlier, I’ve been having tons of ideas recently but I only have one month of my course to go so I have to really manage my time well. Can’t wait to get stuck into my correspondence again though. The old mail box has been very quite over the last few months… Also some updates: Current projects on the go- • Finish the print run of Scrambled #4 (I’ve run out of



Ray Johnson

I’d heard of Ray Johnson before but was never able to find an extensive amount of imformation on him. But now I’m doing this artt history essay on the use of the phtocopier in art making I’ve dug a little deeper and come up with some info. Still it doesn’t seems like enough and I’d like a big chunky book full of images to satiate my appetite for him




Just got back from Newcastle and I’m very tired. But good news is I had a great time and got to meet heaps of great people. My head has now been sufficiently filled with inspiration for quite a while...Now I just have to write this darn art history essay, which is due this Thursday. I'll talk more about my weekend at T.I.N.A later (And some of the comics I got there also) sorry, I don't have any photos...if anyone does can you please forward them?

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