I did this postcard with the launch of the last issue of Scrambled. It's from a comic I did on when Heather and I first moved to Ballarat after living out of a back pack in between Canada and Australia. We moved into one of these old 'miners cottages' that was so drafty and cold! In winter we'd freeze our buts off!


  1. Funny how sometimes no matter how warmly you are dressed you still can't get rid of that cold chill! This is a fantastic illo!

  2. Yeah no kidding(I'm from Canada). Never wear flannel with flannel sheets. Not good. This is very funny. Well done!

  3. This is perfect! It looks very much like our nighttime routine when winter's soooo cold! I enjoyed the laugh:>

  4. For those of you outside of Australia a 'Doona' is the same as a Duvet. I actually found Canadian winters more bearable indoors (Radiator heat, double glazed windows etc) as these old Ballarat houses are so badly insulated, you might as well be outside!

  5. OOOhhh, I have lived in a miner's cottage but not in freezing Ballarat - near the VIC/NSW border! We had a combustion stove that was lit 48hrs for hot water and cooking. Chopping wood warms you up :) Hhheeee thanks for making me smile :)

  6. hehehe...i've found that wearing a cap can help. I found out quite by accident years ago. for another layer, i put on my husband's robe, and it had a hood.

    I was warm in 5 minutes! Now if it's really cold I make a hood out of the blanket itself.

    (of course wearing 4 pairs of socks doesn't hurt.)

  7. At least you both feel the temperature the same - it's a real hassle if one of you overheats while the other is freezing (under the same conditions).

    Great pic and yep, Ballarat can be chilly!


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