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New beginning

Now that things are starting to settle down in the household with Zoey (our 3 month old), I am starting to think of some ways that I can start up my drawing habit again. I have a few projects that I would like to get up and running again, the most pressing being the third installment of my four issue subscription series. The break has been a good time to reflect of new directions and thoughts on my comic work. There are two new developments I am looking forward to getting started on, My composition writing book I made a decision to keep a separate book for writing, which includes both my notes and comics. I used to have a Mead composition book that I picked up in Canada on my first trip in 2001! The thing I like about these books (other than their pop culture significance) is the they have a hard card cover and the binding is sewn which make them durable. I also like anything that you know will remain consistent. If I start using these books for writing I can line them up evenl

eBook formats

ePub ePub an open format that is supported by most eInk devices and Apple’s iBooks. However the format has been designed for text and not necessarily images. At first I was excited about this format and the fact you could create the file straight from Adobe Indesign. Although after trying it I found image support lacking, and using Indesign to create an epub with images created poor quality reproductions of those images. Good- Widely supported and known format Bad- Not created for images AZW AZW is the format for Amazon's kindle. you can find advice on this on the web. This is not an open format and can only be read on a kindle or an Apple touch device that has a Kindle app installed. There seems to be comics available in this format, however if you wish to use Amazon to list your book you will need to charge a minimum of .99c Good- Allows you to have your comic read on a Kindle and sold through Amazon Bad- Limiting format with inherent DRM, cannot offer your book for free or

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