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Just headed over to the buenaventura website and found they have a whole heap of new books out. Some examples are the new comic art mag (#8) and also a book edited by Marc Bell 'nog a dod'

Murder in the red barn

Artwork: Pete Warden (pencil on paper) Colour: Anthony Woodward (PS CS2) After visiting my friend Pete recently he showed me a few of these drawings he had done which were much more cartoony than he usualy does. I really liked them so he offered them to me as a gift. I swaped him some art too and also said I would like to give them a digital colouring and hopefully get some nice prints from them as well. So I'm submititing this for IF theme 'Farm', kinda looks like an organ harvesting farm or something..? PS-Don't think I'll  be making it to Newcastle this year.

Local art


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