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  1. I don't like tags at face value but i do enjoy the ocasionally interesting inetraction between people on in a public space. Also this little building is like an odd little piece of sculpture.

  2. Art within an artwork :)

  3. I guess I'm always trying to come to grips with my different modes of expression. But it's silly as i certainly know it fine for an artist to have multiple modes...
    So when I see something like this building with all the marks over it I feel inspired and think do I make a drawing, sculpture, photograph ect...

  4. anything is better than plain grey cement, or fibro, or whatever that building is made of... still, half-arsed tags have to be the lowest form of art.

  5. After studying 'fine art' for 3 years and struggling to find a place for myself with having a strong comic background, I came to realise that the term high and low is irrelevant. Like I said I might'nt totaly agree or understand tagging but there is still a beauty to it...

  6. Hey, no problem (the linkback). I don't like using someone's art on my site without giving credit where it is due. Great work you have.


  7. Salutations comrade

    You gave me this contact interface
    at Douigicon

    {Think ratbag bewhiskered Cap'n Bains look + lots of holes and loose threads, & another cursed longhair - easier in post LOTR and PIRATES release times}

    Thankyou for the opportunity to view your work further + gain benefit of your findings of others' art

    I'll try running some questions past your experience from time to time re exposure methods such as el-blog, so see if you'd be prepared to enlighten me re benefits and hazards

    Until then, adieux

  8. No problens Julian. The best way to find out about bloggin is to dive right in and set yourself up with a blog at blogger.com livejournal.com myspace.com etc. Although blogger is alot more user friendly I find...

  9. Anthony, I totally agree! I've had this argument with a lot of people, and I'm just not against graffiti per se, particularly the well-done stuff. Some of these artists have colour sense we could all learn from!

    What I do hate to see is when graffiti artists destroy public artworks, or each other's art. We have a couple of painted murals near where I live and someone has done really basic white tags repeatedly across it. Lack of disrespect for another artist's work is difficult to understand.


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