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7 Pages # 21

Once again i have enough material to put out a 7 pages issue. I'll be popping in around town at the usual places and all subscribers will get a copy with 'Scrambled' early next week. If your'e not local and/or not a subscriber then just drop me a line and I might be able to send you out one (There's only a limited amount)


babck in b town baby and feelin super seedy due to the jet lag. I had an awsome time in Canada and i feel as if i really learnt a lot in terms of my art practice (insert lightbulb above my head) I even caught up with one of my pen pals in Vancouver, and we got to talk more about comix and drawin'. So now that I'm back I'll have to start putting the next issue of Scrambled together for all you loyal subscribers to read. I hope youl like it, it's mostly autobiographical, just stories about everyday stuff, so i'll have to see how it all comes together. Should be able to put it together over the next two weeks and you all will have it in your mailboxs around the 27th of this month.

Boo Hoo

My Canada trip is almost over and I soon have to get on that big bird in the sky. I'm sort of not looking forward to the coming Ballarat winter, and my exams. At least I'll be getting some more holidays afterwards...
A little picture I came up with here at the lake. 

Thanks for reading...

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