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Digital comics

Over the past week I have been experimenting with putting together some packages of digital comics. I have been talking about the possibilities with digital comics ever since I saw the first iPods with little colour screens in 2005 . The problems was then and still is now that the technology changes so fast that there is no time for any culture to build up around any of it. You could format a bunch of comics for an iPad and then the next year they bring out a new iPad with different dimensions and features etc; and if not that year the next! I have been lucky enough to have borrowed a Kobo ereader and an iPad from my work, and with both I would have to say that I am not fully satisfied with the screen resolution for hi-res comics. Do not get me wrong, comics look pretty cool on an eInk screen (albeit small) and it's great swiping and zooming on comics in an iPad, but both devices seem to downsample images. After having the iPad for the week it has changed how I read things li

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