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Subscription details

From April 2008 to April 2009 I began a daily comic strip where I would draw two panels about that day every day. Due to my studies this year I had to stop the practice. I have been trying to decide what to do with all the material, which is over 100 pages. Then a lightening bolt of inspiration hit me. I came up with an idea to publish the comics in serial  format and offer them through subscription. This would consist of, Four installments of 32 B&W A5 zines over 8 months (bi-monthly) and offering a limited amount of only 50 subscriptions. A subscription would cost approximately $15 for Australian orders and $25 for  the rest of the world. What your subscription gets you, Four A5 B&W comics, one every two months 32 pages in size Each issue will be sent out to subscribers before they will be available in stores Each issue will contain guest artwork A chance to get extra stuff and win prizes For those of you who sign up, you will go into the draw to win ori

Comics subscription

This year I produced three drawing zines . After the third one I started thinking of starting some sort of subscription service but I was way to busy with work and study to entertain the idea. I think I also read about Alec Longstreth's comic subscription which got me thinking. Recently Pat Grant launched a comic subscription project where you get 12 comics over twelve months for $20 which was in turn inspired by comic artist Liz Baillie. I immediately signed up to the project, which was just as well as it sold out overnight. It got me thinking about all my daily strips from the past year (over 100 pages) that I am yet to publish and also how I like serial comics. The a lightening bolt of inspiration hit me. I came up with an idea to publish the comics in four installments of 32 page A6 zines over 8 months (bi-monthly) and limiting the amount of subscriptions to 50. A subscription would cost approximately $10 for Australian orders and $16 for  the rest of the world. Befor



Writing comics

I want to post some new thoughts on writing comics here soon. For now check out these production shots

Limiting beliefs

Teaching Art is always a challenge, everyone has different needs and varying levels of ability and most people can not even agree on what makes good Art. When I teach Art I try to not only teach technical skills but also ways to think creatively and hopefully new ways of understanding what good Art can be. I myself am also on the constant search to improve my Art, and find new ways to understand creativity. When I encounter difficult students I often ponder what it is that is holding them back, that is from my point of view and experience. It is extremely frustrating to see someone deliberately hold themselves back from getting better, and believe me I see it all the time. When a student trusts where you are taking them they learn a lot more. I have come up with four limiting beliefs that I have encountered with students and even myself over the years. I may think of more and I am sure the reader will have their own thoughts to add, which  welcome. 1-If I was talented I wouldn


This comic takes place a few months ago now. Meredith music festival is this weekend, this was last year .

Digital comics

I recently asked for willing participant to help me experiment with reading my comics on their iPhones and also a Kindle. Above are the screen shots from those tests. On both accounts I have been informed that the images displayed nicely and were easy to read.

Art sale

I don't have a big long list of where to get cool things for Christmas but I do have one big fat suggestion, and that is Cloak & Dagger Art collective are having their first ever art sale! The online exhibition is called 30 pieces in 30 days, and the collection of work is called the 'Frozen Lobster collection' You can follow it here on their Facebook fan page or On their blog with the RSS of your choice All works are available on eBay starting at only $19 Australian

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