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Art Auction

The university that I work for is having their annual art auction to raise funds for the graduating third year of visual art students. Having been the beneficiary of a great end of year exhibition in Melbourne for my graduating year, I always like to try and make a special effort to donate work. I do not like to just donate any old work lying around, after all this is going out there and representing me as an artist, so I usually custom make something. This particular piece (Seen above) I am really happy with. it always seems to be the pieces you are giving away which turn out to be the best ones. A lot of the readers would be unfamiliar with the mixed media work I produce outside of comics. As you can see in this piece it uses a print of one of my comic drawings as a background and then I have a bit of fun collaging and colouring the piece. If you want a chance to own this you will have to turn up to the Mining exchange in Ballarat, Friday the 21st of August. Doors open at 6:00pm.


It is back to study and things are busy around here again. I have not been grabbed by an illustrationfriday theme for some time now. I am not really sure if this captured my intial idea but I think it is close enough. I could not help but thing of images by Sydney comic artist Leigh Rigozzi

Albury writers festival

I travelled to Albury on the weekend with fellow comic artist Mandy Ord. We had been invited to be part of the write around the Murry festival. We did a drop in comic drawing workshop in the library on Saturday and Mandy also performed another comic workshop in the afternoon. It was strange how similar Albury was to Ballarat, it was almost like a sister city. It felt like Ballarat, looked a bit like Geelong and combined aspect of both rural Victoria and NSW. The weekend gave me a much needed kick in the bum to get a move on with my next comic. I am so close to getting it printed, all that is left is the front and back cover. I did some of the edits last night, rewriting some text and redrawing some panels. I ended up having to use a different pen other than my tech pen due to the paper I was using. The surprising thing was that I really liked the results. It may be time to put down the tech pen and start using the new pen (a faber castell pitt pen, small). Either that or find better pa

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