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Aspect comic from Chugnut

This past weekend I attended my third Chugnut comics weekend. I had set myself the task of trying to draw as much as possible and also stretch the old inking muscles. On the first day, Friday, I drew anything that moved, but after I had drawn everyone I could see I got tired of that and wanted to move onto something else. I was really wanting some sort of idea to strike me and I would then just run with it. It got to 1am in the morning and I still had nothing. I then proceded to have the worst sleep ever that night going through ideas in my head; also having to pee and stomach pains didn't help. The next morning I decided I would just do an aspect to aspect comic taking in the scenery at the camp grounds. This turned out to be a really good idea, however it ended up taking me all day to draw and ink. I tried a slightly new technique for me which involved drawing in a coloured col-erase pencil (in this case red) I then knocked that pencil back with a kneadable eraser, and defined

Subscription comic #3 'In the Lost & Found'

I am pleased to announce that I have finished laying out the pages and have the additional artwork for my next book. All going well I will be taking this issue to the printer in the coming few days and getting the first copies off to my subscribers. The comic should be available after this in a few weeks at places like Sticky in Melbourne and on my etsy store.

You can't copy skill

Thank you greatly to Pat Grant for posting some insights into his drawing process for a recent illustration gig. I think it's really awesome when artists aren't afraid to share their process, tools and tips. It shows their confidence in their work and themselves. I have always tried to be extremely open with the materials I use and I answer in questions people have in regards to them. Can you imagine if musicians would not divulge what sort of instrument they used? I often ask cartoonists what they use and I often get no reply. Perhaps it is because they are swamped with these types of questions and get sick of answering them I am not sure. Perhaps I will have to do my own process post sometime in the near future. I feel I need to get some more solid work done before I really have anything to share. Also, I have a link to my google Buzz if you are into that sort of thing. I find it cool to share things from my RSS feeds which in turn pop up in Buzz.

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