You can't copy skill

Thank you greatly to Pat Grant for posting some insights into his drawing process for a recent illustration gig.

I think it's really awesome when artists aren't afraid to share their process, tools and tips. It shows their confidence in their work and themselves. I have always tried to be extremely open with the materials I use and I answer in questions people have in regards to them. Can you imagine if musicians would not divulge what sort of instrument they used?

I often ask cartoonists what they use and I often get no reply. Perhaps it is because they are swamped with these types of questions and get sick of answering them I am not sure.
Perhaps I will have to do my own process post sometime in the near future. I feel I need to get some more solid work done before I really have anything to share.

Also, I have a link to my google Buzz if you are into that sort of thing. I find it cool to share things from my RSS feeds which in turn pop up in Buzz.


  1. Wow! Your a natural. Please visit, leave a comment and hopefully follow my blog:


  2. Yeah, I think the old tools/process question is one that can really irk (some) cartoonists...I still ask, though--the nice ones won't mind telling!

    Great work by the way!


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