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Bloop mini comic has began online

I begun posting my mini comic I started last year for the mini comic challenge on my tumblr account. The best way to see it is if you click this link , which lists the pages in the correct order. The project is tentatively called 'Bloop' however I don't know if this is the final title. The artwork is all completed and I have scanned all the pages in. I am currently working my way through adding the text and grey tones digitally in illustrator. I love the freedom this approach affords me even though I am well aware of the pitfalls of using a digital font. This is an experimental comic for me. I went completely, or maybe as much as I could bear, out of my comfort zone for this one. Using different materials, tools, scale, writing method the whole shebang. The other thing I should mention is that I'm writing the dialogue from a loose outline, there is no definite script as such. I had a few shots at writing the word for word dialogue out and it didn't really get me

Mini Comic Challenge Conclusion

3 months ago I set myself the challenge to draw 12 consecutive comic pages for a mini comic. I knew it might be a folly and I knew there was a high possibility of failure. I set the challenge for myself partly inspired by the mini comic of the month project and also I was sick of thinking about making my own comic and needed to just F'n do it! I created a Facebook group to see if anyone else was interested in in me and encouraging each other, I got a huge response and 40 people joined the group from all around the world. Final Tally 9 Pages fully inked,  1 page fully pencilled 2 pages to come (to be drawn in a different style and won't take too long) Final Thoughts It was great to have a definite time to get something finished, it was also good to have a group of other people to hold you to the project. There was a lot of time I wasted with procrastination and too much TV, the project could definitely be done in a shorter time with a better working method and b

I'm almost two weeks into my mini comic challenge,

1-I have started with a script for the project. I have dabbled with this before but no to this extent. I started writing the story in a screenplay prose format initially, but then about 2/3rds through the story was getting off track from my original idea. I jotted down the basic concept in a synopsis/treatment style. This helped a lot and meant that I got the bare bones of the story down. Once I was happy with that, I tuned it into a numbered list and placed a return where I thought each panel break might go. This left me with about 30 panels. Doing the math on this only leaves me with about 5 pages so far, but this should right itself as I go. 2-This is the storyboards (thumbnails) stage. For most of the work I have ever created I have started with this stage. Which is fine for shorter works but you quickly run into problems past 3-4 pages. I'm about halfway through laying out the script into storyboard form at the moment. I probably prefer to refer to it as a storyboard a

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