Mini Comic Challenge Conclusion

3 months ago I set myself the challenge to draw 12 consecutive comic pages for a mini comic. I knew it might be a folly and I knew there was a high possibility of failure. I set the challenge for myself partly inspired by the mini comic of the month project and also I was sick of thinking about making my own comic and needed to just F'n do it! I created a Facebook group to see if anyone else was interested in in me and encouraging each other, I got a huge response and 40 people joined the group from all around the world.

Final Tally

  • 9 Pages fully inked, 
  • 1 page fully pencilled
  • 2 pages to come (to be drawn in a different style and won't take too long)

Final Thoughts

It was great to have a definite time to get something finished, it was also good to have a group of other people to hold you to the project. There was a lot of time I wasted with procrastination and too much TV, the project could definitely be done in a shorter time with a better working method and better motivation. This was a new technique for me, I was drawing on a larger scale, on different paper (Vellum instead of smooth), using a brush pen. It was also different in that it was a fictional story and not my usual autobiographical material. I also decided halfway through drawing it (I drew all the pencils first) that I would letter the comic digitally. Although I like the look of hand written text better, I felt the story would ultimately be better served with the editablity that digital text affords.
Usually I can't stick with fictional material, doubting my ideas and wondering why this made up story matters at all. I gave myself the mantra of, "It doesn't matter if it's crap, do it anyway" I think this worked really well, as it is easy to let that little voice in your head take over. Which is not to say don't judge your work, just judge it after it is finished not before and during the process.

I'll add some some lower sized images of the finished pages here as proof of my completed work for the project. They still need a bit of cleaning up and as you can see they don't have the text yet.


Thanks for reading...

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