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Just got a newsletter from young american comics which had lots of cool stuff in it. Sometimes when you get newsletters from other places they can be kinda buggy if they come too frequent and don't have much in them that's interesting, but the YAC newsletter was not one of the duds, it had some cool t-shirts (I want the 'enjoy comics' one) new books and also comicy activities and anthologies that you can get involved in. You can check it out here. I also just spotted the tutorial on making a mini comic and this o word balloons and lettering which I've read before and recomend. Above: me trying to get my clogged pen going again

7 Pages book

Still trying to get my head around this 150 page book project (the 7 pages collection) Can't decide if I want to make it pocket size (approx A6) or the next size up (approx A5) I originally published it in an A6 formatt so I'd like to do that size but then I worry that with all the trimming and such the art work will have to be reduced too much. Plus lulu's sizes are a weird north american size which don't suit the original dimensions. This would mean a large area at the top and bottom of the page... Anyway I also realised I way more important and pressing matter at hand to attend to and I should really put this project on the back burner for now... Anyone know any other print on demand companies that do A6 dimensions?


I'm really keen on doing the 7 pages collection book with lulu. I guess I'll be putting together an PDF of all the pages anyone have any tips? If that goes well I would like to do more books with them
Still drawing which is good. I seem to be able to manage any odd sensations I get and if I do get any it's because I get slack/forget my stretch routines. At the moment I'm enjoying doing some two panel comics which can be seen on my LJ account. I should probably finish of the beach storyline and also I would like to begin another longer story. Once I do finish the 'Beach' storyline I will have around 40-50 pages of comics to publish, so I'm thinking of doing a monster sized '7 pages Digest' issue to collect it all. I guess I've been tentative to go back to the beach storyline as when I stopped doing it I felt I was in a real creative groove or should I say creative rythmn. So it feels a little hard/strange to try and fathom picking up where I left off. The last few days I've been imagining making a lulu book that would collect the original '7 pages' (about 21 issues plus a 7 pages digest special between issue #12+13) even just so I can hav

Help out an LJ friend

An LJ friend losttoy is asking for some illustration to pay the bills, This from his site: Commissioned art sale Since I have just lost my job and need to pay the bills, I am selling 8" x 10" illustrations for $10 each. see some of my recent illustrations. You get a 8" x 10" print mailed to you, postage included (inside the United States, outside please e-mail me for quote). What to do: just go to and "send money" to david(dot)ano(at)gmail(dot)com for $10 US dollars, with a description of what you want. Anybody interested???

Mandy Ord

Hey guess what? Mandy Ord now has a blog ! So fire up your RSS readers and jump on!


I probably should be sleeping right now and not thinking about single colour photocopying… I made the covers for scrambled 2,3,4 with a photocopier that could do single colour prints for the same price as B&W. I was getting them mostly for free anyway, but it did make for some interesting possibilities. . All good things must come to an end and so that copier died and got shipped off and replaced with a new copier that didn’t have the same function. Oh how I wish I had access to a service like that know. Years before all this my local copy store used to have single colour copying in green red blue and brown. I got to make a few posters with it and also one of my comic covers ('void if removed' to be exact) but the store later discontinued the service apparently due to the toner supplier running out. But that store made up excuses to suit itself most of the time so how true it was I don’t know. Tim Danko told me about dinkums in Melbourne offering a single colour service (r

mailing list

Thought I'd update my mailing list. Anyone out there who'd like to sign up drop me an email or comment and I'll add you on. It's basically an email list that I mail either every time I have a new book or at least 1-2 times a year (which ever comes first!) Otherwise you can just stick to reading this here blog


Been doing a little drawing over the last few days which you can see here . Also got some plans in the works for things to do with this website but they're top secret right now so I can't say much until I iron our the kinks. I recently stopped using google analytics as I loath the beta version. I really did give it a try but it seems to me like all the quick and straight forward options that were on there before (like viewing any selected amount of time in one graph, are gone) so I googled (ha!) another website tracker which seems to be working well ( I don't go into who was looking , I mainly use it to keep an eye on how many vistors I'm getting and when; otherwise you feel as if you're talking to thin air. I also love to see some of the strange ways people arived at my site, what search words they used can often lead me into searching interesting topics. Like for instance I just saw that theres a google search especially for blogs, wh


Went to my physio appointment yesterday, the next one may just be my last. I’d had nightmares about secret agents the night before running around in the dark trying to kill each other by snapping their necks. I told him about the dream as I think I was still nervous about the head cracking manoeuvre he preforms. I was able to tell him that the shooting pains and aches have gone. My arm doesn’t feel 100% yet but I do feel it has improved. He corrected my stretches for me as I seemed to be doing them slightly different than how I should have, but I think I’ve got it down now. I asked him if he thought I should resume some drawing activity and he said that I could start a small amount of it, as long I do the stretches before and after. He says that it might even feel strange at first but I should return to a normal sensation soon enough. Although I’m reluctant to start jumping for joy yet, as I’ve had a few false hopes crushed before once I started picking up the pen again. Elliott is do
I ended up taking the bag back...and found this one on the net. Only $25 including postage. I got mine in black. yey!

busy week end.

My daughter Ash is over this weekend and on Friday night we went to the local shopping mall as she just had to get one of these squishy balls that some kids had in her class; She’d been bugging me for it for a couple of weeks now. Whilst we were there I thought I’d take the opportunity to look for a shoulder bag, something that has been eluding me recently. As always when you have something in mind you can’t possibly find anything that comes close to it. In fact all you find are things that are the opposite of what you have in mind. I always use some sort of shoulder bag to carry around my sketchbook and pens and other miscellaneous items, call it a ‘man-bag’ if you will. I used to use those canvas ones from army disposal stores but I always wore through them real fast. My current bag is actually good and well wearing but I find it like this huge pit where things go in and may not return. I also have a ‘Crumpler’ bag which is awesome as a travel bag for clothes and other items but I f


I wouldn’t mind trying out uploading a PDF of a mini comic here in future. I offered 7 pages digest #6 as a free PDF to print out a while back, But now the link is broken. What’s the best way to file share. I tried google pages but couldn’t quite figure out where to lift the link from?

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