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Mandy Ord

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I probably should be sleeping right now and not thinking about single colour photocopying… I made the covers for scrambled 2,3,4 with a photocopier that could do single colour prints for the same price as B&W. I was getting them mostly for free anyway, but it did make for some interesting possibilities. . All good things must come to an end and so that copier died and got shipped off and replaced with a new copier that didn’t have the same function. Oh how I wish I had access to a service like that know. Years before all this my local copy store used to have single colour copying in green red blue and brown. I got to make a few posters with it and also one of my comic covers ('void if removed' to be exact) but the store later discontinued the service apparently due to the toner supplier running out. But that store made up excuses to suit itself most of the time so how true it was I don’t know. Tim Danko told me about dinkums in Melbourne offering a single colour service (re
I ended up taking the bag back...and found this one on the net. Only $25 including postage. I got mine in black. yey!


I wouldn’t mind trying out uploading a PDF of a mini comic here in future. I offered 7 pages digest #6 as a free PDF to print out a while back, But now the link is broken. What’s the best way to file share. I tried google pages but couldn’t quite figure out where to lift the link from?

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