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HATCHED 07 National Graduate Show, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, photo by Eva Fernandez. I just received images from an exhibition in 2007 that I had work in. For those of you keeping score at home this is the exhibition that was referred to in the last 7 Pages digest. I even had the drawing of how the installation would look in the comic. It only recently ocurred to me to ask for these images after I had to give an artist talk and I found I did not have many images of exhibitions, workshops and such.


If you look in my sidebar I have added a widget for 'My etsy favourites'. I can not say enough about how great I think etsy is for artists to get their work out to the world. I am always finding awesome stuff on there and wanted to share it here with you. I am planning that when I finish studying this year I would like to try and devote some time to putting some art prints and new books in my etsy store.

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