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Albury Art instalation

This past weekend I was invited to the Albury Art gallery to paint an installation for a portrait exhibition they are having. We all drove up on Saturday morning. We had a few stops on the way and almost run out of petrol on the Hume highway at one point. We made it there in the late afternoon just in time to have a quick look at the space to get mentally prepared for the next day. I also had some time to sit down on the main street of Albury and sketch some of the locals that afternoon. I t was fairly quiet as the Australian football grand final was on at the same time. I had originally drawn a picture of an imaginary strange family for the gallery wall but changed my mind at the last minute and decided to use the sketches of people from Albury. Here is a snippet of the sketch I did for the wall painting. I started early on Sunday morning. It took around an hour to get set up, but the painting overall took around five hours. People came in and out of the gallery while I was pain
HATCHED 07 National Graduate Show, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, photo by Eva Fernandez. I just received images from an exhibition in 2007 that I had work in. For those of you keeping score at home this is the exhibition that was referred to in the last 7 Pages digest. I even had the drawing of how the installation would look in the comic. It only recently ocurred to me to ask for these images after I had to give an artist talk and I found I did not have many images of exhibitions, workshops and such.

Ikea couch cover return

This incident was from when I got the wrong couch cover from Ikea and had to take it back. I could not believe this guy!

Looking back

This time last year Heather and I were pulling our hair out trying to decide what lay ahead in our future. It is funny to look back a year later and see how things turned out. We both think that whilst the past year and a half have been tough it has been a good experience also. We often look back on our life in Canada and miss it greatly. One year ago...


If you look in my sidebar I have added a widget for 'My etsy favourites'. I can not say enough about how great I think etsy is for artists to get their work out to the world. I am always finding awesome stuff on there and wanted to share it here with you. I am planning that when I finish studying this year I would like to try and devote some time to putting some art prints and new books in my etsy store.

Toilet break


Zombies please

This was a hard concept to get across. I initially had Elliott visible from the first panel but I wanted to try and heighten the absurdity of the situation.

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