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GDS submission

Here's a sneak peak at a panel from a one page comic I drew for the next Going Down Swinging

Interesting week


What were you worried about?

I got library work, it's only for a month but still cool!

Camp Chugnut

Michael Fikaris draws me in the back of my sketchbook (I also found your other drawing on the other side Michael!) done at Camp Chugnut, which I have just returned from, and It was awesomely good. There will be more reporting on the event to come and perhaps even Chugnut will get its own blog! Edit: Chugnut now has a blog !

it gets better



I recently lost my pen, hopefully it shows up as I was used to how it felt to draw with. This explains that lack of posting here recently. In other new this weekend is comic camp! We will have around 18 comic artists spending the weekend in the woods drawing, drinking and frolicking. I am going to try and update from the camp either to twitter or this here blog!

Badaboom Twist

I recently got turned onto the comics of David Libens. I have been meaning to blog about him for a few weeks now, although recently I ordered some of his mini comics which arived promptly in the mail and were excellent. I also got some rad original art which I was not expecting at all and is too kind of him. His comics have a wonderful sketchy charm and lovely comic pacing to them. It is comics like these that make me fall in love with the medium again. You can check out his blog here , and also order the comics from there too .

Weekend in Melbourne


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