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How to Fail and love it

At the start of this month I decided I wanted to undertake the 30 day challenge for November. I had done similar challenges before, drawing and or creating every day for one month, and I had wanted to do it again and kickstart my drawing habit. I had hoped to start work on a series of short comic strips which involved taken some already written material and translating them into 3 panel comics. Well it didn't really happen the way I thought at all, but I'm ok with that. Something about the time period was good for me mentally. I had a good hard look at myself and all the excuses I had been making not to draw recently. I had been telling myself that with full time work and kids I should not be so hard on myself for not drawing, which to a certain extent is true. But then two truths occurred to me. Firstly, other artists I know work full time, have kids and still draw, and secondly, how much time do I spend on the web surfing twitter, Reddit and various another sites and dist

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