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2010: Year in review

It has been a varied year comics wise with some highs and lows. I thought it might be good to look back and sum up what has been happening in awcomix land in 2010. State library work At the start of the year I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer to catalogue part of the State Library of Victoria's comic collection. I got to see a lot of gems both in zines and comics, including work from Mandy Ord, Tim Danko, Michael Fikaris, and Amber Carvan. It gave me a good sense of how things are not necesarily lost with time and printing your own publications has a strange pertinence and importance in both art and literary culture. Comics camp (Codename Chugnut) 2010 What can I say good times, good people, good food,  drawing and reading comics in the bush for two days. Lots of jokes to be had and new friendships were formed. I had real Masa corn tortillas for the first time (Thanks to Pat Grant), and ate the most fluffy and delicious pancakes in my life (Thanks to Andrew Fulton).

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