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Spare Parts Zine

This is a new 24 page zine I put together on the weekend. As with the previous three zines I put out last year, they contain a collection of sketchbook material, scraps, doodles and comics. I have printed up 100 of these and I am offering them in return for contribtuions to my 'new iMac' project for contributions over $10 , this zine is not available anywhere else! Link to project site

This Town T-Shirt

New T-shirt design on redbubble . I have been wanting to upload a new design for months now. I jumped on one of the computers at school to upload this. I am excited to see that they now offer sticker, hoodies and kids tops! Also available in white line

Blue 07

Walking home from work down this cool street. Yours for only $20 dollars!

Blue 06

A dusky view from the train window of the Ballan station. Any donations for my computer fund are welcome!

New iMac comic

A tongue in cheek comic, but it's all true! The project explained In exchange for donations you can receive various types of artwork, depending on the amount you pledge. If you make a pledge the money does not come out of your account until the end of the project which is in approximately 35 days. You can go to this flickr page to see some pieces I have produced so far, I am totally up to requests for specific artworks, ie, a favourite star wars character drawn in my style oe another for example. I will be happy to receive any amount of donation and I will create a sketch on a postcard that I will send out to all contributors for pitching in.

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