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Some old ideas, new again

I wrote this a few months ago in a notebook to help work out my own thought processes at the time. I later had it saved as a draft blog. I almost deleted it as I think I have absorbed most of this to be part of my natural process by now. Instead, I thought I'd published it here to better reflect on.

2022 Moon Calendar is now available!


Spare parts press has launched

I'm starting a new venture called Spare Parts Press . The project aims to help independent creators get their collected comics into libraries eresources and online bookstores.

Giving your brain time to relax

Whenever I take time off work, I've noticed something magical happening with my art practice. Invariably during the course of the break, I encounter a powerful epiphany about my work, usually something I've been struggling with.

A new golden age for comics?

It occurred to me recently that we are quite likely to be in a new golden era of comics, or at least I hope so. The reason I say this is that I see a pattern emerging which reminds me of Steven Johnson's idea of the adjacent possible .

Digital Pencil Brush

I was looking through GumRoad in their 'Comic' section when I came across a pencil brush for sale. I've been wanting to experiment with some more painterly techniques in Procreate lately, and I don't really know where to start.

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